31st December 2007

Saturday, December 29, 2007



26th December 2007


Soon Ying n me.. best friends..


25th December 2007


To everyone in Malaysia, family, friends.. Have a very Blessed Christmas.. I miss ya all lots n am really looking forward to seeing u all during summer holidays.. I miss Christmas with u all n being my first time celebrating Christmas away from home made me feel a sudden strong desperation to go home.. can’t blame me also rite.. my first time.. hehe..

To everyone, thank you for all ur Christmas wishes.. to mum n dad, David, Samuel n Stephen, Judith, Gavin, Jojo, Vern, Hyean, Pn Murizan, Joyce.. thank you all for ur Christmas wishes all the way from Malaysia..

Take care everyone.. May God Bless you..

With lotsa love from Moscow,
25th December 2007 @
4.30pm Moscow time..


Biology Class

Haha.. on 24th December, me, Valynne n Kent made it very early for our early 9.30am Biology class for the first time.. u know, it takes us more at least 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the place for our classes n we always only manage to reach on time for class.. so this time, we were early.. n we all started going hyper n started playing around with the camera.. so happen, our teacher was going to be late n that gave us even more time.. whee hee.. check us out in our labcoats.. hehe.. nothing better to do..

Valynne, Kent n me..

Valynne n me..

Valynne n me.. in specs..


Christmas Service, 23rd December 2007

International Christian Assembly, Moscow had our Christmas Service on 23rd Dec.. there were several presentations including one from Jaclyn Victor, our 1st Malaysian Idol.. she had joined our worship service.. yup, n we all got a chance to meet her n take photos with her.. took photos with other people too, mostly with those from my this year batch of MedicEd (we flew to Moscow together).. haha.. all super crazy n fun.. a BIG happy family..

Valynne n me.. my roommate.. nice cool shades Lynn..

Jacinta (from Johor) n me..

James (from Sarawak) n me..

Vaughn n me..

Yow n me..

Marcus n me.. Marcus is from Ipoh like me..

Joanna, Vaughn, Jacinta, James, Valynne, me, Marcus n Yow..

Cousins.. Tjen Jhung n me.. in winter coats, prepared for the wind n cold..

and finally, that's me n Jaclyn Victor, our 1st Malaysian Idol..
just manage to get a quick photo before leaving..



Christmas Bash 2007, 22nd December 2007

There was a Christmas Bash organized by we Malaysians to raise funds for an orphanage here in Moscow.. per ticket cost 250 rubles (RM 30++).. the concert included various performance by different groups but the main attraction of them all was our 1st Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor.. yupz, she was here in Moscow n she sang at the concert..

the finale..

Valynne, me n Joanna..

Valynne n me..


14th December 2007, Excursion..

Well, my group (Group 1) n Group 2 had excursion.. Group 2’s teacher, Anna, took us out.. went to the ‘Matreoska’ Museum (Russian dolls).. went by bus then metro.. the museum is situated near Pushkinskaya metro station so we took a metro to that station.. from there, walked quite a long way to the museum n unfortunately, that day was particularly cold with wind blowing at our faces.. COLD!! Haha.. reached the museum n there we were brought around by the person in charge there.. check it out.. I just love those nice coloured painted dolls.. they look so cute..

Russian Dolls on display..

Chess set out of Russian Dolls.. cool.. our eyes were on it.. haha..

After that, headed to the souvenir shop to check out the souvenirs..

The souvenir shop..

Russian dolls for sale..

Cute :)


model of the main attraction of Moscow.. nice..

me, Valynne n Anna (russian teacher)..

me n Valynne..

Valynne n me.. i fat ady :p

Kent, Valynne, me n Ken Li..

we discovered a sea-saw.. kids once more..

Valynne n me.. behind is a swing..


11th December 2007


Well, we held a surprise celebration for Kent right before his big day ended which was at 11.30pm.. haha.. so he said he didn’t suspect anything at all.. got a cake for him.. it’s a caramel cake n it has lotsa lotsa cream.. fattening.. went from place to place to actually find a suitable cake n finally found one at RSMU hostel.. haha.. held the celebration in me n Valynne’s room.. had the lights shut n 10 candles lighted all around the room.. hehe.. scenery was nice.. and Joanna made Kent two red coloured eggs with words on it.. she didn’t had red colour paint or anything so had to make do with red marker pen.. superb le.. really really look like the red coloured eggs ppl usually do for a baby’s one month old celebration.. way to go Joanna.. haha..

The cake.. nice..


Winter.. Snow.. Зима.. Снег..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, lotsa ppl have been asking me to put pictures of snow here in Moscow.. so here are the pictures.. reli sorry for the delay coz most of the photos were in my friend’s camera n she haven’t copy them out.. but finally, manage to get them..

my hostel surroundings with snow..

snow n me..

boot marks on snow..

me n snow again..

We had snow fight.. n we even built snowman.. though small n may be kinda cacat but it’s self satisfaction.. haha.. first time I ever built a snowman.. check it out..

me working on the snowman..

me n the completed snowman..

Kinda cacat coz we were running out of time.. but like I said, self satisfaction.. haha.. take care everyone..


Среда, двадцать первое ноября

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Здравствуйте! Как дела? Сейчас осень. Осенью в Москве очень красивая.

Сейчас я учусь в институте русского языка имени А.С. Пушкина на подготовительном факультете. Я учу русский язык. Я думаю, что русский язык очень трудный. Теперь я знаю чуть-чуть русский язык.

Сейчас я живу в общежитии. Мне нравится моя комната. Потому что моя комната удобная и не очень холодная. Мои хорошие друзья Валини и Джоанна. Они соседки. Валини и Джоанна дружные. Мы вместе учимся. Мы уже хорошо знаем и понимаем друг друга.


20th November 2007


I love you..
Я люблю тевя..

dad n me at Cameron Highlands..


International Christian Assembly 15th Anniversary..

On the 18th November 2007, my home church here in Moscow, International Christian Assembly Moscow, celebrated their 15th Anniversary.. service started at 11pm n ended at way pass 1pm.. it was a full house with lotsa people.. me n Valynne went n this time, Joanna followed us to church.. well, the service was grand.. there were lotsa presentations.. and also the parade of flags where the different flags of different countries of the people present in the church were marched out by flag barriers..

the stage..

the parade of flags..

When it all ended, we were served cakes n drinks.. I had a Tiramisu cake n coffee.. nice!!

the cake.. super delicious n filling..


Pushkin International Concert & Exhibition, 16th November 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For your information, I am currently studying Russian Language at Pushkin Institute of Russian Language.. here, there are plenty of other international students, for example, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, etc, n of course we Malaysians.. so, there was a concert and exhibition held basically to display each other’s country’s culture.. the exhibition started first followed by the concert.. started at 3pm n ended at almost 6pm.. we Malaysian pre-medical students prepared stuff for both the exhibition n concert.. for the exhibition we had a video presentation n a slide show of pictures.. the video presentation was actually the tourism Malaysia video.. haha.. smart le.. then the slide show, Valynne, me n Joanna did it with pictures from Tee, Terry, Joanna, me n Valynne.. we had really limited pictures coz we never expected to do such things but it turned out ok.. hehe.. we also had Malaysian food on display n also to try, well, other countries also did the same.. we had some cucur with sauce prepared by Liyana.. and also a poster was made.. so, here’s our exhibition table..

the laptops..

the cucur made by Liyana.. nice :)

the sauce.. super nice..
one of the ingredients is Kimball chilli sauce from Malaysia

the poster.. hand drawn n coloured..

Here are photos of the exhibition, other countries..



The China people were really very well equipped.. they had lotsa stuff on display.. very obvious they had planned it was before n brought them all the way from their homeland.. even their dance, the dances had similar costumes..




..and many more..

Well, you can see the difference between what we prepared n what the other countries prepared.. they were so well equipped.. I guess they knew before hand n brought it before hand from their countries.. we knew nothing n therefore came unprepared.. haha.. but, we still manage.. haha..

Now we come to the concert..

the stage.. before the concert started..

Next, photos of we people..

Front: Kelvin Philip, Laksmi, me n Sybil

Back: Darshini, Baskra n Jana

Me, Jana, Perashan n Joanna

Terry, Tang, me, Jana, Perashan, Joanna n
two other foreigners (dunno where they’re from)..

me n Farah (she's dressed up as a Kadazan girl)..

We Malaysians..

we Malaysians n other foreigners including our institutes's security guard.. haha..

Farah, Liyana, Joanna, me n Valynne n the China girl dancers..

Us n the Africans..

Joanna, Valynne, me, Sybil n Laksmi.. we are housemates..

We Malaysians again..

Joanna, Valynne, me n Thailand people..


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