Christmas Charity Ball 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last Sunday, 21st December 2008, i attend the Christmas Charity Ball 2008 (White Christmas). was one of the ushers for the event. i reli enjoyed it..

here are some of the photos we took.. everyone was in their best.
and my hair was done up too. all curls. thanks to my personal professional hairstylist, Brandon, my 'younger brother'. hehe..

the main organizer, Geng Yan.. good job!

the ushers team

me, Neha, Reenisha, Valynne, Charmaine

each of us ushers, we have our own partners. and my partner for the night was Gabriel.

Gabriel n me

and not forgetting my hair, it was done by Brandon.. my personal professional hairstylist.. thank you so much Brandon.. u did an awesome job. everyone say nice wei.. hehe. oh ya, it took about an hour to do btw..

me n Brandon

Ronald, Peh Yee, Isabel n me

Valynne, Gabriel, me, Charmaine

me n Gan

me :)
i'm a grand piano pianist.. lol.

anyways, Christmas is just round the corner. Merry Christmas everyone!! have a Blessed Christmas. but for me, hmm.. i have 'zachots' to pass. it's something like semester exams here in Russia. and on Christmas Day, i have Anatomy exam. what a day to have exam wei.. well, i know many of u may be wondering why Christmas Day no holiday for us. for ur info, Russians celebrate Christmas on 7th Jan, not 25th December. so on 25th December, it's not a holiday in Russia. so now, we practically don't feel the Christmas excitement coz of all the exams, loads n loads of them..

but anyway, hope u all in Msia enjoy ur holidays n Christmas. take care everyone. looking forward to seeing u all again.

Blessed Christmas &
Happy New Year!!


Trust... Faith...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make your paths straight."

Matthew 7: 33-34
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own."


gonna be another busy week..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

today, the Malaysian Fellowship lead the worship at church. it was an awesome time of praise & worship. the presence of the Lord was just so great that everyone could just feel it. i felt so much joy in the Lord. good job Malaysian Fellowship. All Glory, All Honour n All Praise to God.

after church, came back with Valynne, Brandon n Gan. the snow had melted. oh ya, i forgot to mention, it snowed heavily for the pass few days n the ground was covered with snow. it was cold then, temperature was negative. but today snow all gone n temperature was above 0. took a quite photo outside our hostel with my camera phone.

Valynne n me

Valynne, me n Gan

Valynne, me n Brandon

this coming week, is gonna be another tiring and exhausting week. with 3 colloqs (major test) which include Bioorganic Chemistry (killer chemistry), Biology n Anatomy (muscles).. and not to forget russian language test.. so gonna be super tired and lack of sleep.. imagine, it was just a week ago that we finish our first few colloqs and now we got another whole week of them.. it's now colloqs practically every week.. i so want a break.. well, welcome to medical school.. ok.. till then, take care..


ANATOMY... pleasure or nightmare?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hi everyone..

i'm really really sorry for not updating my blog for so long. my internet expired and i didn't renew it coz i had weeks of exams (they call it colloqs or controls here in Russia) week after week so i just couldn't find time to do anything online. i couldn't even find time to get enough sleep.. imagine.. anyway, i have a whole full week of exams next week again, biology, human anatomy n bioorganic chemistry. going to be another very hectic n stressful week. imagine, only 2 weeks ago i had 2 weeks of exams n now, again.. welcome to medical school..

anyway, talking about human anatomy experience. haha. we're now learning muscles of the body. we studied the bones, skull and joints. so now we're doing muscles n it's no piece of cake. my university has an anatomy department. n now that we're studying muscles, we get to see the 'dead body'.. at first, i thought i would freak out or be afraid but then, no feeling.. surpisingly.. n this is no ordinary body. it's a body where they process it for the study of muscles. take a look... we just couldn't help it but take photos..

me.. and i'm looking at the abdomen part.

us studying muscles

Valynne n me..

Valynne n Chien..

Charmaine studying muscles of the head n neck..
she's my unit mate btw.

hmm.. sometime within a week, i'll have to make a trip back to anatomy department to study the muscles on the cadever to prepare for coming exam on muscles of the neck, back, thorax and abdomen.. interesting but gonna be hard and stressful.. and i only have less than a week.. tension tension..

Conclusion: Human Anatomy, pleasure or nightmare? it's nightmare wei.. the amount of things u gotta remember n all those names.. complicating.. sleepless nights.. but i can do it!! (self-comfort =p)

ok ppl, i'll promise to update again when i can. take care everyone.. and i'm really missing u all back in Msia. can't wait to go home :) take care.


just a quick post

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hi everyone..

How is everyone? well, here's a quick post here. sorry for kinda abandoning my blog for so long. i just manage to get internet fixed yesterday n now that classes have started, i have hardly any time to do much also. everyday pack with classes and exams n test r coming up starting next week. well, welcome to medical school.. and human anatomy, we have exams (colloqs) every once in 3 weeks, not nice at all. anyway, i'll try my best to update from time to time. i'll update those pass events too if possible when i find the time to. ok. got to go. will try to update as soon as i can. take care everyone. God Bless.


it's time to say goodbye, i'll see you again

Sunday, September 7, 2008

the moment has arrived. in 12 hours, i'm going to board the plane and journey to Moscow. well, u can say i've kinda got use to the idea of being away from home. but then, i still feel sad to have to leave family and friends in Malaysia. i'm gonna miss you all so much n i wanna say, "I love you all so much". thanks everyone, for being there for me.

thank you so much dad n mum, for giving me this opportunity to be able to further my studies in Moscow. thank you so much for everything. i love you so much. and i'm gonna miss you so much.

thanks David, Samuel n Stephen, for being the best brothers. thanks for everything. love you guys so much n i'll miss you too.

thanks Judith. for all your time spent with me despite your nearing PMR exams. thanks for always being there for me. contact me k, want you to know that i'm always there for you whenever you need me. love you so much sis. i'm gonna miss you.

thanks Gavin, for coming all the way back from Singapore partly to bid me goodbye. it really meant a lot to me. thanks so much for being my godbro. all the best in Singapore k. take good care of yourself k. love you loads! i miss u.

thanks Soon Ying, for being my close friend despite the fact that distance kinda is a problem. but no matter what, you're always my close friend that i reli treasure a lot. thanks so much for always being there for me. and don't you forget, i'm there for you too. take care k. do keep in touch. i'm gonna miss you. love you loads.

thanks Joyce, for being my close friend that i can go crazy with. lol. sorry, we didn't get the chance to go out more often. hope to see you next year and go swimming again. hehe. all the best in your studies. You can do it! keep in touch. love you lots.

thanks to my friends at MCKL too. thanks for the great time in KL. hope to see you guys again. all the best in your future.

thanks to everyone. thanks for everything. take care everyone. will miss you all so much. love you all loads. goodbye...


Family Holiday..

Friday, August 22, 2008

just came back from Kuala Gula. went there with my family to spend a night there. it's an eco-tourism area, about almost 2 hours away from Ipoh. it's actually mainly a fishing village and a mangrove area along the coastal area. u can say, it's a place not really known to many. our accommodation was a semi-D single storey house with 3 rooms all with air-cond, not bad. and our tour guide was a chinese, Mr Tan.

first day, the moment we arrived, he took us to the charcoal factory. haha. saw how charcoal was made. and our clothes all had the smell of charcoal after that. although this charcoal factory might sound boring, it was actually interesting. and we saw some funny n interesting stuff there.

and there was this tame monkey there. it went and hang around the little kittens there. so cute. quickly took a picture.

monkey n kittens

next headed for a boat ride along the coast n mangrove area, out to the sea. the boat was really nice, comfortable n it went so fast, so fast that i was kinda scared my stuff will get blown off the boat, and so happen, i received a call at that time n i was like clinging on to my phone tightly. lol. my hair was in a total mess n full of tangles after that. phew.. but it really was a great n enjoyable ride.

and here's our professional photographer, my bro, David n his professional camera n skills. lol.

the boat ride was actually for us to view the different species of birds there including the migratory birds and also the mangrove area and how ppl there catch fishes, prawns, shrimps, cockles, etc. and i got to know this fact, fishermen are no poor ppl, they're RICH!! honestly, according to Mr Tan, who is also a fishermen, one day's work to catch cockles or shrimps can earn you RM3000 to RM4000, that is just 1 day. imagine, if it was everyday, u'll be rich. so, anyone wanna change your minds n go be a fisherman? lol..

and to prove it, these ppl don't drive cheap cars. i hardly saw any Malaysian cars there, my bro was looking out for the cars that they have there, and they're seriously branded cars. Mercedes Benz also got, the new ones.

here are some shots from the boat trip.

Samuel, daddy n Stephen
Mr Tan n his son behind

mommy n grandma looking out for birds

my hair.. a mess..

weather was not hot but unfortunately, it started to rain after 35 minutes. we could see the rain pouring down at one part of the sea n it was gradually coming towards us so we had to quickly go back. too bad, hoped to see more birds and also to catch cockles n maybe spot some dolphins (u can spot dolphins there if u're lucky), but anyway, i enjoyed it.

we could see the rain pouring down from far

after boating, went back to the house, clean up n headed for dinner at a seafood restaurant. dinner was yummy, delicious. thanks daddy. we had crabs, fish, veggie, chicken.. i'm so gonna get fat with all these food, but they're just so tempting, definitely must eat all i want. haha.

after dinner, Mr Tan showed us photos n told us about the birds n other species of animals that u can find at Kuala Gula. he had loads of photos. there were even different species of crabs at Kuala Gula, they were so cute, and not to forget the Mudskipper.

next, he took us to see the fireflies. these fireflies gathered at certain trees n from far, these trees look like the Christmas trees with twinkling lights, cute.

then, went owl hunting. we sat in the car n dad drove along the road where there were oil-palm trees surrounding, with Mr Tan leading the way. he spotted the first owl n soon we became pro at spotting owls also, spotted quite a lot, we're lucky. haha. these owls were on the electricity poles. we spotted two species of owls. one is the common Barn Owl n the other is the Spotted Wood Owl. the minute we spotted an owl, we stopped the car right below the pole where the owl was, so we all could see it closely and my bro took shots of the owl with his professional camera with us shining flash lights at it to be able to see it clearly. the owl just didn't bother about us but some did fly away after awhile. it was really fun, we were like ppl who haven't seen owls before. haha. well, i think it's because it's the first time we have to actually hunt for an owl to see n the owl was out in the wild n not in a cage, so it was something new.

Barn Owl

Spotted Wood Owl

went back, laze around, had our baths, watch tv, chat n went to sleep. and at that time, my dad discovered a frog in one of the bathrooms. dunno how it got there coz it wasn't there earlier.

morning, woke up 7am. got ready. went for breakfast. ate Wantan Mee, they said it's the famous one in Kuala Gula, actually, Kuala Gula doesn't have much restaurants. lol.

after breakfast, went to walk along the mangrove area. saw the mangrove trees up close, fascinating crabs, funny monkeys, and the cute Mudskipper. i love the Mudskipper, this cute little fish that can live out of water just caught my attention.

a type of crab. above is the male one
n below is the female one.
spot the difference.

the seed of the mangrove tree

the mangrove plantation project

mangrove trees. look at the roots.


mother n baby monkey


next, went to the PERHILITAN building. that department is in charge of monitoring the area n preserving the area so that the birds can live and also to monitor the birds at the area. we checked out the exhibition there.

here's something interesting. ready? here we go.

BEWARE!! Open this window at your own risk...
Get ready to face the most dangerous predator on earth!

Human beings (with inhuman senses) are the worst
and most dangerous predator on earth

next, headed to the belacan factory. according to Mr Tan, our shirts will stink of belacan, n indeed it did but it wasn't that bad coz i could still smell the nice detergent smell of my shirt. haha. at the belacan factory, saw how they made belacan. bought some belacan and rojak sauce there to bring home too. the rojak sauce was really nice coz they gave us free rojak to eat there, so nice.

after that, went for lunch and headed home. though it was only a short trip, but was worth it. we enjoyed it though it seemed like we didn't do much. guess we all enjoyed the little time away together, after all, it was a long time since we had a holiday together as a family.

thank you daddy n mummy for the lovely holiday.. thanks everyone for making it so special.
love you all loads.


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