Check your Identification Card Info

Thursday, July 31, 2008

yesterday afternoon, mum took me to change my IC coz i'm already 18 so gotta change it. not much people there, so i didn't had to wait long. the minute i took my number, they called me to the counter. very easy process, just told them i needed to change my IC coz i'm already 18 n all the details are still the same.

so happen, i just ask them what my religion is recorded as. and much to my surprise, they told me, it was Buddhist. i got a shock, so did my mum who was right behind me. all these years, since i got my IC in standard 6, i was registered as a Buddhist. so i told them to change it to Christian. and the guy at the counter ask me for prove. i told him, i didn't know that my religion was Buddhist, so i didn't bring any prove. then the guy went to ask his boss. waited n waited. he came back, and he said he got it changed already. phew...

next, headed to take a new photo. the guy who took my photo, was a reli nice person, like to joke around.

while heading home, i thought, they didn't need me to bring any prove and i got the information changed, that was really easy. guess i better double check again when i collect it. so people, do check the information on your Identification Card just in case.


a tribute

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

many of us still haven't gotten over what had happen, and we just wonder "Why? Why does this have to happen?". we dunno why this had to happen. but we know, that God is there for us, and we have to trust Him at all times for He knows what He is doing. God chose to take Ken and set him by His side eternally, and i know that His ways are not our ways, we just have to learn to trust the plan He has. after all, He didn't have to give us Ken in the first place but He did, and i thank God for that.

from this incident, it has made me realize that nothing is certain. we can never know what can ever happen next and we should never take life for granted. indeed, the phrase "Live life as if there's no tomorrow" makes more n more sense now. let us learn to appreciate people and things around us and not take things for granted.

To all who know him,
i know, this has indeed been a shocking and terrible news that none of us could believe that it happened. i know, many still have not gotten over it, including myself, but we all know, that he's in a much better place now. he's with God in heaven, where there is no more pain, no more suffering, but there is joy, peace and happiness forever. it is ok to feel sad, and in fact it is very normal. Ken knows how we feel and he knows that we all love him n miss him deeply.

God be with you, Ken.


how could someone do such a thing?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i just receive the news a few hours ago that a korean friend, Ken Kwak Min was found murdered on Saturday morning in his rented house in Taman Ukay Heights, Petaling Jaya, just hours after arriving from Ipoh to spend his school holidays in KL. he had been bludgeoned to death with a piece of wood found at the scene n there were injuries on his neck. u can read more in NST n Star papers.

how could such a thing have happened? what has the world become? how can someone be so cruel and have no regard for someone's precious life?

it had been ages since i last saw Ken since i left to Moscow, he had attended youth at my church when he was in Ipoh studying at Ipoh International School. never would i expect such a thing to happen to someone i know. he was a great guy, friendly and fun to hang around with. now, with that terrible piece of news broken out to us, pieces of memories i have of him start to appear, his joyful smile, n korean words n drawings he drew on the whiteboard when he taught me korean for fun. thank you so much Ken, for those memories. i will treasure them always.

no one had ever imagined that such a thing would ever happen. i feel really bad, really really bad. the feeling of losing a friend is just so hard.. i still can't believe it actually happened.

i pray that the murderer will be found soon and that fair judgement will take place.

my deepest condolences to his family. may the peace of God be with them.

and also my deepest condolences to Joyce and her family as her grandmother passed away.

Ken, may you rest in peace. we miss you and we love you.

"Live life as if there is no tomorrow"

Hear Us From Heaven - Ross Parsley


Happy Bday, Paik Yen

a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paik Yen, my dear friend of mine from school days.

taken during Librarian Leadership Training Camp
during school days. i look so sleepy...

taken during steamboat gathering last year
when we were out of school.

Paik Yen, it's been ages since i last saw you. really hope we can meet soon. miss you loads.
anyways, enjoy ur birthday. take care. all the best in Aussie. love ya!


Farewell, Gavin

today is MYF Sunday. we youths lead the worship service in church. it went ok.

after that, we had a farewell lunch for Gavin at MYC. he's leaving to Singapore to work and that means we're not gonna meet that often anymore. now that i'm gonna go back to Moscow n he might not be back in Ipoh even though i'm back, it's gonna mean we won't be seeing each other for ages. gonna miss him a lot.

okies, back to the subject. since the food has yet to arrive, we started off with games. then we invited Gavin to give his farewell speech. after that, people came up to say something for him and next we presented him with an album. an album that is the one n only one in the world. one that is made with sincere n thoughtful hearts. thank you so much Alison, Judith n David for helping in the production of this album. n thank you Aunty Lay Ean for all the delicious meals at ur home.

Gavin giving his farewell speech

well, this album contains photos n messages from the youths. i think, that is one of the best gifts anyone can ever receive. hope u like it, Gavin.

Gavin receiving the album

after that, we had makan. and chatted also. food was ok. there was fried beehoon, fried rice, curry chicken, sausages, mix veggie, salad and fruits.

next, photo time. here are some of the quick photos that i took with my camera phone. the rest are all in Gavin n Jee Seng's camera. must wait then only can get the photos from them. hehe.

me n Gavin (my godbro)

Judith, Shirley, Alison n me

me, Judith n Alison

Shueh Cheng n me

us :)

Alison n me


Judith, my dearest sis n me

my beloved bro, David n me

me, Irene n Alison

i went around taking other people's photos also. manage to catch photos of some people who didn't want to take photos. haha.

my twin brothers n Daniel (Stephen, Daniel n Samuel)

one big happy family :)

the ladies club

Gavin, thank you so much for everything you've done for the youth. you've indeed been of great help n support to many of us. thanks for being my irreplaceable godbro too. hehe. all the best in Singapore. our prayers are with you always. God Bless. we'll miss you n we love you.


Granduncle's Birthday dinner

last night, celebrated my granduncle's birthday at Tai Thong Restaurant, Heritage Hotel. i think it's his 90th birthday. was really a family reunion coz there were lotsa families there including children n some even came down from KL. well, this granduncle of mine is actually my grandma's brother. he is old for his age but he looks really energetic n can really joke around. hehe. met my cousins there including Chrys. hehe. it's been ages since i last met her, was glad to have met her there.

well, this dinner indeed is grand n the food is suppose to be all good n delicious. but unfortunately, something happened. it sorta became a disaster n spoiled the whole occasion. the dinner started off with shark fin soup. well, this shark fin soup looked really innocent and fine. it just looked like a soup n tasted like a soup. but after we consumed the soup, some felt nausea, hot, stress on the back n nerves, headaches n all sorts of uncomfortable feeling. some went out for fresh air n even some went home coz they weren't feeling well.

the soup contained herbs, chicken n some wine inside n apparently, it caused some kind of reaction with our body that made us feel sick. but apparently, it wasn't that bad on the old people, thankfully. i didn't had any appetite to eat after that but in the end i just ate a little bit of noodles, the small pau, cake n the drink desert. i guess those were the best ones from the whole dinner after that soup incident. i didn't even touch the steam fish n the pork.

big pau with little small 'pau's with kaya filling inside

in the end, the chef came out to apologize n the waitresses asked us whether we felt any better. yes, we did feel better in the end. hehe. although this soup incident happened, i'm glad i went for the dinner.

the birthday cake

my niece. she's so cute. look like she's dressed in a kimono.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

20th Sunday
Aaron (a friend from Moscow who is from Klang) n his family came to Ipoh on Saturday to visit their grandparents. so they came to my church (Ipoh Wesley) for service on Sunday morning. after service, me n Jien Wey took he n his sis, Amy for breakfast at Kong Heng. ate the famous 'kai si hor fun' there. hehe.

21st Monday
went school in the morning to help install NOD32 anti-virus in their computers but unfortunately, there was some problem so couldn't install it, so got to make another trip back to school on Friday. then went for lunch with Jien Wey n Aaron, at Maria's Cafe at Greentown area. food was good. we ordered the set meal. i took BBQ chicken while Jien Wey n Aaron took lamb. the set included a main dish, desert n coffee or tea.

BBQ Chicken. was yummy :)

after lunch, went Ipoh Parade. Aaron bought his new wallet n his favourite shirt. haha. Jien Wey bought stuff too n i bought a sweater at BUM City for only RM5. haha. cheap le. actually, it was one of those last rejects but it was ok coz i just wanted to buy a sweater to wear indoors in Moscow so it didn't matter, i just needed a cheap one just to keep me warm. haha. then walked n walked around... and felt hot.

went for a drink at Marrybrown. the 3 of us at first decided to go Kopitiam, went in n sit down but then walked out coz it was hot there. next try, Kenny Rogers, still hot. so went Marrybrown, wasn't that bad coz they had fans so we sat right under the fan. haha.

dinner, went makan steamboat at Good Times Restaurant. Marcus n Saac joined us. when Marcus appeared at our table, we were like 'WHOA'.. Marcus, u came. coz the last round we called him out for steamboat, he 'ffk' last minute. haha. glad they came. had a reli good time chatting n i was so full. i felt my stomach so bloated. i must hav reli put on a lot of weight in the pass few days of eating n eating. haha.

our steamboat pot.

crabs n fish.

seafood. i love seafood.

yum yum

22nd Tues
this is the last day we're taking Aaron out coz he's going back to Klang tmr. got up at 7am. got ready n went to church to pick something up from Edwin then went straight to Foh San for breakfast. was early so waited for Jien Wey n Aaron. we had dim sum. it had been ages since i had dim sum for breakfast. haha. enjoyed it.

i love Hong Kong 'chee cheong fun'. my favourite.

fried lobak. nice =)

after dim sum, went Jusco. Saac joined us there. walked around Jusco. we went shoe hunting at first coz Saac n me wanted get a pair of sports shoes. mine broke. went trying from shop to shop. there was sale at Nike shop so in the end i bought my shoes from there, it's white in colour. called mum at first to ask how much is the budget, n mum ask me to get Nike coz she said my Nike pair lasted me 2 years+, so she told me to get Nike. i was surprised coz mum doesn't reli agrees in buying Nike last time. haha.

i also bought two polo shirts for dad from Padini. dad was looking for shirts so i decided to get them for him. before lunch, headed to Jusco supermarket. guess why we went to the supermarket, to get 'Anything' and 'Whatever'. haha.



okay. very often, when people ask 'What do u wanna drink?', the answer is often 'anything' or 'whatever'. so these creative people came out with this drink. 'Anything' is a carbonated drink but it can be any carbonated drink inside, maybe coke or root bear, etc. 'Whatever' is a non-carbonated drink and again, it can be any non-carbonated drink inside. haha. i bought one of each just for fun n to show my family. lol.

for lunch, my bro David joined us. at first, couldn't decide where to eat n in the end, went Black Canyon to eat coz some haven't been there before. i ordered a set meal again, coz set's cheaper. i'm reli broke thats why. haha. but it was ok, i was reli full. the set came with a main dish n ice-lemon tea.

not bad :)

after lunch, went to Judith's house. then night, went to MYC to meet Edwin together with my bro David to discuss some stuff. stayed there till almost 12 midnight. was so tired n when i got home n i just took a quick bath n went to bed. tired, but it was an enjoyable day.

special thanks to Jien Wey for driving us around. thank you so much for everything. God Bless..


swimming. shopping. party. pasar malam.

Friday, July 18, 2008

phew.. today was a full day with lotsa activities. morning 9am i went swimming at DBI public pool with Joyce. so long didn't see her n i was so happy to see her. Christina joined us at the pool shortly afterward. they both wanted to drag me to the deepest end of the pool but i didn't dare coz i didn't reli know how to swim. haha, sorry la Joyce, i got scared after the pool got deeper n deeper. haha. the next round we go swimming i bring the board, haha, but kinda malu la use it there when everyone in the pool's so pro at swimming there. lol.

then about 11am+ came out of the pool and went Joyce's house to shower and get ready to go Jusco. and i discovered i kena very obvious sunburn. could see my swimsuit mark. haha. well, Christina went straight to watch 'Hancock' at Jusco.

at Jusco, had lunch at Secret Recipe with Joyce n her friend, Yin Yep. we three ate the set dinner which include some chicken chop thing and an ice lemon tea for RM10. very worth it for a Secret Recipe meal. Christina joined us for lunch later and we chatted. really enjoyed chatting with them. at that time, i happen to mention that i wanna get my eyebrows shaped. i thought i wanted to do it another time when i was alone but they dragged me to the place and made me do it. lol.

next, went walk around Jusco to shop but didn't see anything to buy. then, someone suddenly pop out with the idea to go Parade n gladly Yin Yep volunteered to drive there so ok la, we all hop into his car n off we went to Parade.

walk n walk around Parade also. then felt thirsty so went to some small restaurant on the top of Parade where the open air parking was. me n Joyce ordered some soda, and try guessing the name, one was Angel in Purple n the other was Dreams Come True. i wonder who created such a "wonderful" name for the drink esp the Dreams Come True one. lol.

left: Angel in Purple (Joyce's)
right: Dreams Come True (mine)
take a sip of the 'Dreams Come True' n all ur dreams will come true. haha.

after that, drove back to Jusco then went KFC to eat Cheesy Wedges coz Joyce suddenly wanted to eat it. haha. Joyce asked for extra more cheese n the wedges was practically covered with the cheese and mayonnaise. haha. must have tasted like heaven rite Joyce. lol.

while we were about to leave, bumped into Tsuey Xin n Yoke Mun at the entrance. whoa, i was surprised but at the same time, happy to have met them. then went back in Joyce's car. we send Christina back home too. well, that girl really needed a good sleep, she look half asleep after the swim. this professional swimmer took out her best at the pool and adding to it, it was ages since she visited the swimming pool. so i guess it practically ate all her energy.

back at Joyce's home, chatted with her till dad came to fetch me. well, i had an awesome time and it all seem to pass so quickly. looking forward to our next meeting again. will miss u Joyce. call me out again the next time u go swimming.. haha.

then reach home, quickly got changed n went out for my ex-neighbour, Shin Yee's birthday party. when i was still staying in the old single storey house n that time i was much younger, i use to play with her and hang out with her, and till now, we still keep in touch with each other and just drop by one another's house to visit. hehe. thanks for the invitation, Shin Yee. i enjoyed it.

Shin Yee n me, n her birthday cake.

after the party, super hero me, still went pasar malam to jalan-jalan. went with dad. bought a pair of shorts. then went buy the iced coconut drink for family. and headed home.

it was a full n tiring day but it was great. i enjoyed it tremendously.


Cute Photos

Thursday, July 17, 2008

lol. i suddenly, well can say too free nothing to do, went photo hunting. found loads n loads of cute animal pictures n wallpapers.

these puppies are just too cute. wish i had them. haha.

and i found some other funny looking ones too.. haha.

some other cute ones..


'Journey to the Center of the Earth'

16th night, went to watch the movie 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' at GSC Ipoh Parade. went for the 8.05pm movie with my brother David, Gavin n Jonathan. but before that, had a quick dinner at the Food Court. was kinda in a rush coz everyone was working and went straight after work, i pulak, went after dance practice at Marianne's house. my knees again was red in colour due to the dance which had so many kneeling steps in it. haha. lucky this round, my knees wasn't that painful.

anyways, i enjoyed the movie. was a nice and exciting one. hehe. go watch it people.

Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) is a Bostonian volcanologist whose nephew, Sean (Josh Hutcherson), is supposed to spend ten days with him. Trevor learns at work that his brother's lab is being shut down because of a lack of funding. Trevor has forgotten that Sean is coming until he receives several messages from Sean's mother. When Sean's mother drops him off, she leaves Trevor with a box of items that belonged to Max, Trevor's brother and Sean's father, who disappeared years before. Sean suddenly takes interest in what Trevor has to say after he tells him about his father, whom he never really had a chance to know. Trevor discovers in the box a Max's old baseball glove, a yo-yo, and the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. Inside the book Trevor finds notes written by his late brother. Trevor goes to his laboratory to find out more about the notes. There he realizes that he must go to Iceland to investigate for himself. He intends to send Sean back to his mother, but relents at Sean's protest and brings Sean along for the adventure.

They start by looking for another volcanologist. When they get to that scientist's institution, they meet a woman named Hannah (Anita Briem), who offers to help them climb up to the instrument that has suddenly started sending data again. While hiking the mountain a lightning storm forces the three into a cave that collapses. Trevor, Sean, and Hannah investigate further into the cave until they fall into a deep pit, taking them to the "Center of the Earth". They all continue until they discover a cave dwelling that Max lived in. Trevor and Sean find Max's old journal. Hannah and Trevor discover Max's dead body and bury him. Trevor reads a message from Max's journal that was written on Sean's 3rd birthday (8-14-97). Trevor continues to read Max's journal until he realizes from his notes that they must quickly leave, as the temperature is steadily rising. Trevor figures that they must find a geyser that can send them to the surface. They must do this in 48 hours or all of the water to create the geyser will be gone. Also they figure that they must get out before the temperature rises past 135 degrees.

They begin by crossing the underground ocean, and then the two adults become separated from Sean. Sean's guide is now a little bird who has been present since the trio entered the Center, and it takes him towards the river. However, he encounters a Tyrannosaurus and Trevor - who desperately is searching for him - saves him. When they arrive at the geyser it is all dried up. All of the water is on the other side of a wall. Trevor uses a flare to ignite the magnesium in the wall and causes a geyser to shoot them through Mount Vesuvius in Italy. When they destroy the home of an Italian man, Sean gives him a diamond that he had found earlier. Trevor sees that he has many more in his backpack, and he uses them to fund his brother's laboratory.

Throughout the adventure, Hannah and Trevor gradually become so attached to each other that they kiss. The film ends on the final day of Sean's visit with Trevor (and now Hannah), and he is leaving their new home, which was purchased with some of the diamonds Sean took from the cave, and Trevor handing Sean a book titled "Atlantis", suggesting they could maybe hang out at Sean's Christmas break, alluding to a possible sequel.

till then, take care everyone. God Bless..


Steamboat with Moscow friends

Friday, July 11, 2008

last night, went to eat steamboat at Good Times Restaurant with some Moscow friends. at first, there were lots of people going but in the end, they all 'ffk' and left only 3 people: me, Jien Wey n Eng Yaw. kinda disappointed, i was looking forward to seeing the others too. hehe. but anyway, had a good time chatting. enjoyed the food.

our steamboat pot.

actually, got more photos, but all in Eng Yaw's camera. haha.
anyway, i think now it's more worth it to eat steamboat at this Good Times Restaurant compared to MovenPeak Steamboat coz MovenPeak steamboat have change their style to more like the Sushi King style of serving. so u don't get to take unlimited at MovenPeak Steamboat anymore. for your info, Good Times Restaurant is near Crazy Ice-Cream, for those of you from Ipoh. hehe. so if you people wanna eat steamboat, i suggest you go this restaurant to eat. lol.
till then, take care everyone..


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