Family Holiday..

Friday, August 22, 2008

just came back from Kuala Gula. went there with my family to spend a night there. it's an eco-tourism area, about almost 2 hours away from Ipoh. it's actually mainly a fishing village and a mangrove area along the coastal area. u can say, it's a place not really known to many. our accommodation was a semi-D single storey house with 3 rooms all with air-cond, not bad. and our tour guide was a chinese, Mr Tan.

first day, the moment we arrived, he took us to the charcoal factory. haha. saw how charcoal was made. and our clothes all had the smell of charcoal after that. although this charcoal factory might sound boring, it was actually interesting. and we saw some funny n interesting stuff there.

and there was this tame monkey there. it went and hang around the little kittens there. so cute. quickly took a picture.

monkey n kittens

next headed for a boat ride along the coast n mangrove area, out to the sea. the boat was really nice, comfortable n it went so fast, so fast that i was kinda scared my stuff will get blown off the boat, and so happen, i received a call at that time n i was like clinging on to my phone tightly. lol. my hair was in a total mess n full of tangles after that. phew.. but it really was a great n enjoyable ride.

and here's our professional photographer, my bro, David n his professional camera n skills. lol.

the boat ride was actually for us to view the different species of birds there including the migratory birds and also the mangrove area and how ppl there catch fishes, prawns, shrimps, cockles, etc. and i got to know this fact, fishermen are no poor ppl, they're RICH!! honestly, according to Mr Tan, who is also a fishermen, one day's work to catch cockles or shrimps can earn you RM3000 to RM4000, that is just 1 day. imagine, if it was everyday, u'll be rich. so, anyone wanna change your minds n go be a fisherman? lol..

and to prove it, these ppl don't drive cheap cars. i hardly saw any Malaysian cars there, my bro was looking out for the cars that they have there, and they're seriously branded cars. Mercedes Benz also got, the new ones.

here are some shots from the boat trip.

Samuel, daddy n Stephen
Mr Tan n his son behind

mommy n grandma looking out for birds

my hair.. a mess..

weather was not hot but unfortunately, it started to rain after 35 minutes. we could see the rain pouring down at one part of the sea n it was gradually coming towards us so we had to quickly go back. too bad, hoped to see more birds and also to catch cockles n maybe spot some dolphins (u can spot dolphins there if u're lucky), but anyway, i enjoyed it.

we could see the rain pouring down from far

after boating, went back to the house, clean up n headed for dinner at a seafood restaurant. dinner was yummy, delicious. thanks daddy. we had crabs, fish, veggie, chicken.. i'm so gonna get fat with all these food, but they're just so tempting, definitely must eat all i want. haha.

after dinner, Mr Tan showed us photos n told us about the birds n other species of animals that u can find at Kuala Gula. he had loads of photos. there were even different species of crabs at Kuala Gula, they were so cute, and not to forget the Mudskipper.

next, he took us to see the fireflies. these fireflies gathered at certain trees n from far, these trees look like the Christmas trees with twinkling lights, cute.

then, went owl hunting. we sat in the car n dad drove along the road where there were oil-palm trees surrounding, with Mr Tan leading the way. he spotted the first owl n soon we became pro at spotting owls also, spotted quite a lot, we're lucky. haha. these owls were on the electricity poles. we spotted two species of owls. one is the common Barn Owl n the other is the Spotted Wood Owl. the minute we spotted an owl, we stopped the car right below the pole where the owl was, so we all could see it closely and my bro took shots of the owl with his professional camera with us shining flash lights at it to be able to see it clearly. the owl just didn't bother about us but some did fly away after awhile. it was really fun, we were like ppl who haven't seen owls before. haha. well, i think it's because it's the first time we have to actually hunt for an owl to see n the owl was out in the wild n not in a cage, so it was something new.

Barn Owl

Spotted Wood Owl

went back, laze around, had our baths, watch tv, chat n went to sleep. and at that time, my dad discovered a frog in one of the bathrooms. dunno how it got there coz it wasn't there earlier.

morning, woke up 7am. got ready. went for breakfast. ate Wantan Mee, they said it's the famous one in Kuala Gula, actually, Kuala Gula doesn't have much restaurants. lol.

after breakfast, went to walk along the mangrove area. saw the mangrove trees up close, fascinating crabs, funny monkeys, and the cute Mudskipper. i love the Mudskipper, this cute little fish that can live out of water just caught my attention.

a type of crab. above is the male one
n below is the female one.
spot the difference.

the seed of the mangrove tree

the mangrove plantation project

mangrove trees. look at the roots.


mother n baby monkey


next, went to the PERHILITAN building. that department is in charge of monitoring the area n preserving the area so that the birds can live and also to monitor the birds at the area. we checked out the exhibition there.

here's something interesting. ready? here we go.

BEWARE!! Open this window at your own risk...
Get ready to face the most dangerous predator on earth!

Human beings (with inhuman senses) are the worst
and most dangerous predator on earth

next, headed to the belacan factory. according to Mr Tan, our shirts will stink of belacan, n indeed it did but it wasn't that bad coz i could still smell the nice detergent smell of my shirt. haha. at the belacan factory, saw how they made belacan. bought some belacan and rojak sauce there to bring home too. the rojak sauce was really nice coz they gave us free rojak to eat there, so nice.

after that, went for lunch and headed home. though it was only a short trip, but was worth it. we enjoyed it though it seemed like we didn't do much. guess we all enjoyed the little time away together, after all, it was a long time since we had a holiday together as a family.

thank you daddy n mummy for the lovely holiday.. thanks everyone for making it so special.
love you all loads.


let God take control..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philippians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

i really need to put this to practice now. things have happened, things to come are making me anxious n disturbed. i need to pause now n stop everything n focus on what should be my main focus. i am trying... i am really trying...


God Of This City

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You're the God of this city
You're the King of these people
You're the Lord of this nation
You Are

You're the Light in this darkness
You're the Hope to the hopeless
You're the Peace to the restless
You Are

There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done
In this city


badminton time, no more laziness..

yesterday, went to play badminton with daddy n two younger bro, Samuel n Stephen and i had an awesome time. we've now made it a point to play badminton. so now, my laziness on the bed is gonna be replaced with exercise on the badminton court. whee... but now, due to 3 months of lazing around, my butt n lower tight of both my legs hurt badly now :( but it doesn't matter, i seriously need to train my muscles again, i can't have the lazy spirit.

and, i dun wanna gain weight. i gained weight in Moscow which i should not have, and surprisingly, i lost weight back here in Malaysia where i'm actually suppose to gain weight coz the food back here is so tempting and way cheaper than Moscow.

gonna appreciate the free time i have left before i go back to Moscow. gonna spend as much time as i can with family n friends. i'm gonna seriously miss everyone a lot..

it's countdown to date of flight now...


save my eyes..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh my goodness, went to check my eyes today n i found out my power had increase by 50 in just a year. crap! i actually suspected that my power had gone up coz my vision weren't that clear compared to last time and i couldn't see the lecturer's small handwritings from the back. i was shocked. so, had to make a new one.

i think it was due to too much studying on the metro and the lights inside the metro weren't very bright either. plus, we've been using yellow light bulbs for our table lights, and apparently, based on what we just found out, yellow lights is very bad for the eyesight.

i'm so gonna be extra careful in future. imagine, if every year my power goes up by 50, i'll be like a blind bat by the time i finish my 6 years of studies.

so, take care of your eyes =)


8 August 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

it's one more month left.
i'm so not ready to go back to Moscow.
i feel i still have so much i need to do.
and i don't have enough time.


KL Trip

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday, 2nd August

went down to KL by bus. took the 10am bus but the bus only left at 10.30am. reached KL about 1.30pm then headed straight to meet Soon Ying and went to Sunway Pyramid. Soon Ying is my close friend from school, haven't seen her since i left to Moscow, missed her so much. so, at Sunway Pyramid, went to eat lunch at Sushi King. i felt like eating sushi coz it had been almost a year since i ate sushi. haha.

after lunch, went shopping. walked around Sunway Pyramid n Soon Ying brought me to the new wing. we both bought a top from Forever 21. nice. i bought a bigger handbag that i always wanted from Click and Slick.

at the toliet, i spotted a Baby Room. spot the baby symbol, i find it so cute.

Baby Room

and inside the toilet, they even promote health awareness. lol.

Save your lung, save your life

Soon Ying n me

for dinner, went to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh. it's suppose to be very nice according to Soon Ying. so drove all the way there, spent extra long on the road looking for the place coz we kept missing turnings. haha. finally, we reach the place. turned out, Soon Ying got a disappointment coz we all said the Bak Kut Teh was nothing special. lol. sorry dear.

after dinner, headed home. bathe. then chatted. i updated Soon Ying on what happen since we last met, and she updated me on what happen too. had a really long chat. but halfway, we went to watch MTV Asia Awards, and when it ended, we continued our chat.

next, watched 'PS I Love You'.

really sad but very touching story. unfortunately, it was pass 5am when the show ended and i was already half asleep so we slept straight after that. haha. watch it ppl. after watching it, Soon Ying vowed to buy the book and read it. lol.

Sunday, 3rd August
had nasi lemak for lunch. Soon Ying's mum made them. really delicious. thank you, Aunty.


after that, got ready to go One Utama.

Soon Ying n me. best friends forever.

at One Utama, Soon Ying went to renew her OneU card. it cost RM20 for 3 years n RM10 for 1 year so of course, she took the 3 years one. and they had this lucky draw thing. and guess what, so lucky, she got two tickets to High School Musical The Ice Tour. and it's no normal ticket but a VIP ticket. apparently, it's worth RM200+ per ticket. so lucky.

walked around One Utama. saw a pair of shades at Vincci. i bought it for RM18. worth it le, was on discount. Soon Ying bought her 'PS I Love You' book at MPH. straight away, she started reading it when we went to McDonalds to have a drink.

dinner, went to some hawker center at SS2 with Soon Ying n her family, i had Prawn Noodles. then went hunting for dessert. wanted to eat ice-cream at Swensen at SS2 but too many people so went hunting elsewhere for another Swensen but didn't find then in the end ate Baskin Robbins near Bangsar Villa.

after dessert, they send me back to my uncle's apartment beside Midvalley. gonna miss them, gonna miss my dear friend Soon Ying so much. anyways, to Soon Ying n family, thank you so much for the time spent with you all. i really enjoyed it tremendously. time really pass so fast. thank you once again n i'll miss you all. will be looking forward to meeting again. take care.

Soon Ying, i love you so much too. i really thank God for a friend like you. will always remember you. miss you. hugs.

Monday, 4th August
morning, went gym with my aunt. went there for an hour though i only lasted 30 minutes. haha. that shows i don't have anymore stamina. my stamina decrease super a lot since i left school. i only do a lot of walking in Moscow n housework. lol.

lunch, headed to Midvalley to meet ex-college mates, been ages since i last met them. went Kim Gary. had lunch with Perashanth, Justin, Yean Xin n Yet Shin. chatted also. after lunch, when Kenneth arrived, went bowling with them. then Brandon and Min Hao and Augustine came, so we went Pizza Hut for dinner. actually, Serene n Damien n Zeng Zhou were suppose to come, but last minute they couldn't come. so it was left the 6 of us. had dinner n chatted.

us. yerr... my head got block.

after dinner, went arcade. then went McD for ice-cream but i bought a drink coz i was super thirsty. then, Kenneth n Perashanth went home. me, Augustine, Brandon and Min Hao went photo shooting. haha.

"no photo please", the promoters told us.


happy Augustine. sad Brandon n Charis.

Augustine, me, Min Hao, Brandon

Min Hao's head n Augustine's body

can u spot Brandon n Augustine?

help!!! Min Hao's grabbing us.

Tuesday, 5th August
morning, went to meet Aaron at KL Central. went with him to Russian Resources office to settle his sister's stuff to go Moscow, his sis, Amy will be in 1st year like me. spent quite some time there. then, went for lunch at some restaurant at the same building. took set, quite ok. i like the drink dessert. hehe.

noodles, some dessert drink n ice-lemon tea.

next, headed to Kamal's bookstore. took monorail to Jalan Chow Kit station and from there walked to the bookstore guided by my personal tour guide, Aaron Wong. haha. bought the book that i wanted. then headed to KLCC coz we only need to be back by 5pm. walked around KLCC then went A&W to sit down n have a drink. been walking so legs kinda tired. hehe. then, went walking again, went looking for perfume so went from shop to shop testing the perfumes they have.

after walking around for some time there, got kinda bored coz got nothing to see there so went outside. caught some photos of the scenery, unfortunately, they didn't on the fountain so didn't manage to catch photos of the fountain.

4.30pm, we headed back. Aaron headed to his dad's office n i headed back to my uncle's apartment. got back, packed my stuff, dad came to get me and then headed home to Ipoh. thanks a lot Aaron, i had a good time too. see ya back in Moscow.

~home sweet home~


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