Holiday updates #1

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's been 12 days since i reach home. time really flies. it seem like just yesterday i arrived home, and it has been almost 2 weeks ady. anyways, just to update a bit on my holidays so far.

last Thurs, 25th June. went to meet Joyce. we went to watch Transformers 2 together with some of her college mates, Stephanie was there too, didn't see her for like ages. was glad to have met her there. met Yin Yep too. the movie was great. a lot of action of course. to me, it was quite long, coz i felt from the time Sam took to reach Optimus Prime was like literally half the movie. but guess that's the climax. halfway went out to toilet somemore n that time i thought i was going to miss important parts but see see i go out n come back n Stephanie went out to toilet n came back also, Sam still haven't reach Optimus Prime. so imagine lah, how long that part was. LOL.

after movie, went makan lunch at Black Canyon. everytime i see Black Canyon, it reminds me of Soon Ying. haha. i know you know what i mean dear. LOL. me n Joyce ate the same thing. the set, with a glass of watermelon juice and a big bowl of tom yam soup pasta. yummy.

after lunch, Joyce wanted to buy her contact lenses, so we went to England Optical shop. she bought her contact lenses, and guess what, i got a free trial pair of contact lense. whee.. thanks to Joyce and her super consumer rights skills. hahaha. but till now, unfortunately, i'm having problem wearing them. haha. Joyce, i know u're so gonna laugh at me. LOL.

then went back to her house, and she copied loads of movies for me. yahoo. super funny ones. so
so starting from that day, Joyce became my contact lense and movies provider. HAHA. can't wait to meet you again Joyce :)

then, on normal days, when there are no plans, mornings i'll be home. afternoons depends, i'll usually follow mum around, when she goes and runs errands, i'll accompany her, at least can spend more time with her. oh ya, i go pasar malam too. went twice ady. hehe. wanted to buy durian, but dad didn't buy coz couldn't find a worth it one. there was one stall selling 1 kg for RM20. siao expensive wei.. but daddy promise he'll buy durian soon.

and on 27th June, Gan came down from Tampin for their missions trip meeting. he brought some goodies, thanks Gan. we went dinner with Saac, had Ipoh famous tauge chicken. Gan's first time in Ipoh so his first time eating it. haha.

on Sunday, 28th June, at last got to meet Gavin. had a super long fun chat with him. how i wish i could see him every Sunday too. gonna miss you loads la godbro :) take care in Singapore. and i'll be looking forward to seeing again.

and for dinner, it was awesome, yummy. went my aunt's house for dinner. my aunt's a super good cook. wish i could cook like her lah. hehe.

and on Monday, today, 29th June, i finally cut my hair. mum kept bugging me to cut my hair coz she said it was so long, and indeed it is. so there, 3 inches of my hair is gone now. head also feel lighter. haha. and the hairdresser layered my hair even more. coz i don't plan to cut till next year summer holidays.

i guess, that's about it. now i'm getting lazy to write ady. hehe. till then, take care everyone.
and happy holidays to all those back for hols. God bless.


To the BEST daddy..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To the BEST

in the whole world

Dearest Daddy,

Thank You,
Thank you for everything,
For all your love, care, guidance, advice,
For always being there for me,
No matter how many miles apart we were,
You never failed to let me know,
That you were always there,
Supporting me all the way,
No matter how busy you were.

Thank you for the many blessings,
For the wonderful opportunity
to be able to go to medical school,
all the way to Moscow.
Through it all,
You always supported me,
And encouraged me,
During the hard times,
And also the happy times.

Thank you for all your prayers,
which kept me going,
knowing that i'm not alone,
when sometimes,
everything seems to go wrong,
i know,
i have a BIG daddy there,
who is always there for me.

Thank you dear daddy.
Thank you for being my BIG daddy.
Thank you for being the BEST daddy in the world.
I love you so much,
And forever will.

Happy Father's Day!

-sealed with a kiss-


Home sweet home..

Friday, June 19, 2009

i'm HOME..

so here's the journey back home..

at Moscow airport.
at the departure hall, waiting..

me n Lynn

one of the meals.
breakfast from Moscow-Bangkok.

sun rays. taken from the plane.
beautiful isn't it?
well, the actual sight is way more beautiful than this.
it's like as if u're in heaven among the clouds.

so here i am.
HOME. at last.
thank God for a safe journey.
though was caught in the rain while unloading luggages from the van at Moscow Airport.
was wet from head to toe.

really glad to be home.
the comforts of home.
mum dad n brothers,
church friends and all.
how i miss u all when in Moscow.

i'm so gonna treasure my hols.
it's a shorter one compared to last year's summer hols.
only a little longer than 2 months.
plus it's gonna be cut shorter with the coming missions trip
and also the Doctor's Conference.

but it's ok,
i'm so gonna enjoy it and utilize it to the FULLEST.
can't wait to see everyone.
take care. and God bless.


i'm going HOME...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

after the last final paper, General Chemistry,
i have officially completed 1st Year of Medical School,
and i'm going HOME.

tomorrow, 17th will be the day i fly home.
and 18th will be the day i reach Msia.
i can't wait to be back home,
home to where my heart is.

things had not been easy at all.
life had not been easy,
but i thank God,
He brought me through it all.

i would have given up,
if not for Him,
the trust and faith in the Living God.
thank You Lord.
i know You meant all that for my good.
teach me that i may have a heart after You,
that i may always put my whole faith in You,
no matter what the situation may be.

Mum, Dad, David, Samuel, Stephen, i'm coming home.
Judith, Gavin, i'm coming home.
Annie, Joyce, Kenny, i'm coming home.
hey everyone, i'm coming home.
and i can't wait to see all of you.


thank You Lord..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

i should have known,
that all the time,
God was in control.
it was all in His plan.

all went well during presentation day for avtomat physics. the night before, i was too exhausted, went to sleep at 2am plus. wanted to wake up at 6am to study. i got up at 6am, but was too tired n slept back. woke up at 7am. dang, it hit me. i'm so not prepared. i might just kantoi during the presentation. i told God, i'm not prepared, You just do whatever it is la, i surrender it all to You.

i went. left for the physics department with my project. one by one, each one of us presented it. Antonov (Physics head of department), was in a jolly mood, he was really lenient. one by one passed and got their avtomats.

then was my turn. i went up, he asked me questions, i presented my project on Action Potential. all went well, he didn't bring up the issue. he signed my project, signed my zachot book (result book), gave me the 5 for physics. and i could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

i should have known, all the time, that God was in control and that He wouldn't give me something too hard for me to handle. it was all in His plan, although i suffered stress trying to study the entire years work in just a few days, i realized, how foolish i was, being so stress when i knew there was a BIG God who was in control.

it was all by God's grace and blessings that i got through it all.
and i really thank Him, for bringing me through it all.

All Glory to God!

p/s: Congratulations to all who did well for physics finals! i'm so so happy for you all.


i will..

Monday, June 1, 2009

whatever it is,
whatever the outcome will be,
i will accept it all,
with a grateful heart,
knowing that i am not alone.

everything else doesn't matter.
but only the right heart matters.
i'm sorry everyone,
for whatever trouble or worries i have caused.
i will continue to run the race.

whatever the result may be,
whether or not i get the avtomat,
or need to face finals,
it will still be a blessing.
i will still prepare,
as if i was going taking finals.

whatever the marks will be,
i know i have tried my best.
so long as i study to my very best,
it will still all be worth it.

for i know,
the marks do not matter.
it's the knowledge that you have for the future.
though it may be hard to accept it at times,
studying in an education system,
which the word 'fairness' doesn't exist,
i will continue to learn from it,
no matter how painful it can be.

i will continue to put my trust,
in Him alone.
for He knows the future,
and He knows what's best for me.
whatever it is,
i will continue to give in my all.

thank you, mum dad, bros.
thank you Judith, Soon Ying, Gavin.
thank you cousin, James (gege).
thank you Charmaine, Chien, Peh Yee, Gan, Lynn..
and everyone else.

sorry for all the trouble caused.


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