Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'll be heading to KL tomorrow.
9am train to KL Central.
so my blog temporary will not be updated till i return from India on 13th August.

Monday is my flight to India,
and my flight back will be on 13th August.
Will head straight home after reaching back to Msia.

as some of you may know,
i'm going to India,
8 in a team altogether,
for Missions / Humanitarian Aid.

we'll be heading to Chennai,
so do keep us in prayer.

God bless everyone..

P/s: sorry people for not being able to meet up and spend time much. been really busy running up and down. this summer hols passed so fast, just like that. i can't believe it too. and i'll be really missing everyone when i'm back in Moscow on 23rd August. love ya all..


in loving memory..

Monday, July 27, 2009

it's been a year.
i wish, it had not happened.
if only time can turn back,
and things can be reversed,
all i wish,
is to see you again.

it will forever remain,
locked deep inside my heart,
no matter how hard
i may try to forget,
it will never go away.

you are a dear friend,
i don't understand why it had to happen.
why you had to suffer all that,
why you had to leave so early.
tears was all there was..

memories of you,
forever leave tears in our eyes.
but i thank you,
for those beautiful memories,
for giving us a chance to know you.

we miss you always.
and we will always remember you,
deep in our hearts.

in loving memory of you dear friend..


WMSI Dedication Dinner

Sunday, July 26, 2009

last night, Saturday, was the longest dinner i went to. it lasted 4 hours from 7pm till 11pm. it was the Wesley Methodist School Ipoh Dedication dinner. but food only started to come at around 8.15pm. before that, they had speeches n stuffs.

met lotsa ppl there. godbro came back. saw my ex-school principal n PK HEM, Pn Siva and Pn Cheah. they were in the same table as godbro. met Fiona Ding too. there were like a total of 1000 plus ppl at the dinner. it's a fundraising dinner for WMSI actually.

so here's some of the food served..


fish, sweet n spicy sauce. i love this dish the most.

brocholli, mushrooms..


roasted chicken with prawn crackers..

and many more..

then they had lotsa presentations during the dinner too. WMSI choir performed the song 'You Raised Me Up' with Marianne conducting the team. got dance presentation by MCKL too. and saxophone playing by a 3 ppl n also violin by WMS KL.

had a great time there. glad to see many ppl whom i haven't seen for ages.. cheers..


finally able to...

Friday, July 24, 2009

meet Soon Ying..

Soon Ying came down to Ipoh last Wed night n she went back to KL today morning. so was able to meet up with her at JJ yesterday. it's been ages since we last met. a year ago. we have never failed to meet up every year despite the fact that we're miles apart. she's always been my bestie, a friend i really trust.

so we met at JJ at 2.30pm. kor kor followed too :) headed for a movie at 3pm.
we watched The Taking of Pelham 123. it's an 18PL action movie. i enjoyed it. to me, it's kinda hearttaking beneath all the violence. it's worth watching..

poor us felt cold inside the cinema, esp Soon Ying. haha. n the large popcorn we bought to share, 3 ppl also couldn't finish it. in the end, i tried to eat but was too full, my appetite all gone also coz my stomach was all filled with popcorn. it's like u can feel the popcorn inside, haha, nah, i'm over exaggerating. LOL.

after movie, first stop was of course, the toilet. haha. then we walked around JJ for a while then went to Black Canyon for a drink. i notice, from all my outings to JJ, i always never fail to end up in Black Canyon. haha. but the food there's good, i like Black Canyon food.

my Watermelon frost

was playing around with my camera.
i like the effects. the focus on the watermelon. LOL.
nice :)

Soon Ying's Expresso
to me, it looks so cute. haha.

us :)
scent and flavor. haha.

had a long long chat at Black Canyon. exchanged stories. catch up. we were in Black Canyon till 7.30pm. then went to Tung Ku Teng beside Woolley there for dinner. but almost everyone had no appetite. haha. coz we were like half eating n half drinking here n there. lol. there, chit chat. then almost 10pm, had to send her back. gonna miss u loads dear.. i'll be looking forward to seeing u next year. take care.. muaxx..

my missions trip to India is coming up in a weeks time.. so kinda busy now, preparing n stuff. i feel the excitement, but at the same time, i dunno why, i feel scared, like dunno what to expect. but it's ok. i know the Lord who is my Strength is with me and will never leave me. so i'm fine :) Hehe. i'll be looking forward to it. will leave to KL on 31st July n will fly off to India on 3rd August. safe journey to the China Missions team who just left for China today.

God bless, everyone..



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

went to meet my teacher, Pn Murizan today for lunch. she's my closest teacher, back in secondary school when i was actively involved in the Librarian Board n became the AVA (Audio Visual Aids) Head. she's one of the librarian teachers n she's the AVA Teacher so that's how i got close to her. she teaches History n Moral real well, one of the best dedicated caring teachers i've met throughout my entire school years. but too bad, she got transfered to another school, although she tried her very best to object. what a pity.. after she got transfered, i never went back to school to hang out in the library the whole morning like how i once did. miss those days..

well, i never fail to meet her every summer hols. hehe. so, me, Kuen May n Benita met her for lunch today at Laksamana Cheng Ho at Greentown area.

after lunch, went back to school for visit. but then, everyone left school d, left only the afternoon session ppl. so just took a quick peak at the library. it's has changed again. like every year i go back to visit once, there's sure to be a change there. haha. then went to say Hi to Mrs. Lee too, the current principal which happens to be my Aunt. LOL.

and as i've promised Kuen May n Pn Murizan to post the photos, here are they.. hehehe..

Pn Murizan n Kuen May

Pn Murizan n me

looking forward to our next meeting again.. oh ya, Pn Murizan's daughter so happen shares the same birthday with me, October 12. and my AVA assistant, Kit Yin's birthday is on the same day as well. what a coincidence. we found out back during school days. haha.



yesterday, 7am, went to Maybank which was right beside ASNB. for what? to line up to buy ASM shares. actually, this is not my first time experiencing this. i experienced it with my mum a few years ago on the day i took my SPM results.
dad told me n kor kor to go and open an account n put in money for both of us n at the same time, top up for my mum n younger bros account as well. so, we went. got up early in the morning. n when we reach there, there was ady a line of ppl waiting at Maybank, and ASNB beside Maybank, was ady full with ppl waiting inside n outside. oh my goodness.. we line up at Maybank, the line was much much shorter, they wrote our names down which they will call later at 9.15am when the bank opens, our names were on the 1st page itself, thank God.

so we managed to get all done at around 11am. lucky the shares have not run out yet. you can say, it wasn't much of an inconvenience compared to the last round.

well, i guess, the reason why ppl rush n get up early to fight for it is coz of the 6% interest per year compared to the bank's 2% for a fix deposit account. no wonder the crowd of ppl. it was kinda an experience waiting there. i saw the ppl's excitement. and a granny caught my attention. her hair was all white except for a few strands of brown n black hair. you can say she's old but she so energetic. she's like the most excited person among the entire crowd, chatting away with other ppl talking about the ASM. even right up to the time her name was called to settle wat she needed to and even after that, she was happily going for one person to another talking about the excitement of ASM, from what i observed, it seemed to be her new made friends there.

well.. it was an experience.

after all that done, had to settle my vaccinations to go India. so went GH Ipoh. went to enquire. they ask me to go another outpatient clinic there to ask, n the outpatient clinic asked me to go to Jelapang Clinic. so i literally went to 3 healthcare centres. finally got my Typhoid injection there for RM20 n the Malaria prescription of doxycycline for free. hehe. thanks to a nice Malay guy at the Survelan Department who helped. now left the prescription for Mefloquine which i'm yet to ask Dr Lai. and maybe might need to take the Tetanus-diphtheria if he advice me to do so too.


Holiday Updates #3

it's been a month since i came back. time really flies. it seems like yesterday i only reached home. and it's been ady a month. arggh. so don't wanna leave so fast..

last Friday nite, 17th July, was ACS CF High Praise. both my younger bros were playing electric guitar for that event, so kor kor n me went to support. somehow, i felt out of place, all those school kids, though some of them were lower 6 which mean they're only a year younger, but still, i felt kinda weird. HAHA.

anyways, yay, Yue-Yi n Wei-An came to Ipoh for a visit. Yue-Yi's back from US n Wei-An from Singapore. haven't met them for soooo long, since they left our church. so, got to met them on Friday nite after the High Praise. Hsien Han, Lip Hyean n Lip Ee's back too. but they're going back today to Aussie, so met them for one last time for supper last nite.

Sunday, 19th July, today's the Sunday School Family Day. so the kids and their family had a fun time of games. so we youth, helped out. i was in charged of a game called 'Every Drop' together with Jonathan, where they had to fill the bottle with water from sponge. haha. sounds easy huh? but it's not that easy, the water flows somewhere else n the bottle mouth is small. haha. after the games ended, as usual, it always end with a finale of we youth playing with the left over water. so we threw water on each other. ended up wet. thanks to sis who was the first to pour water on me. haha. oh, and i broke my slipper in the process of chasing after ppl with the water. haha. so ended up borrowing slippers from Irene. thanks dear. haha. i love fun times like these. miss them so much when i'm away in Moscow.

lunch was provided at church, so after lunch, we headed out for dessert. a whole bunch of us. went to Repulse Bay at Greentown there.

Mixed Fruit Ice-Cream

me, Yue-Yi n Marianne

after dessert, the excited bunch of guys wanted to go CyberCafe, so we carted along since we had to go back in their cars too. haha. so i ended up playing CounterStrike, for the FIRST time. haha. beginning, started out really cacat, but after a while practicing, managed to kill more n more ppl, which include my bros n the guys who kept killing me at the start. hahaa. LOL. we played till 4 sumthing. poor Yue-Yi felt pening halfway n couldn't play much. anyways, really glad to spend time with them.

bye bye Yue-Yi n Wei-An. i'll miss u guys so much. sorry didn't really get to teman u all but hope u enjoyed ur stay. God bless..


Penang.. Family weekend away..

Monday, July 13, 2009

was in Penang on Sat n Sun. so happen, Brandon was there too, but didn't meet him there. went there for a family weekend away, thank God we could have a holiday together coz all the other weekends are all filled with activities.

Day 1

reach Penang, went for lunch. bro brought us to one of the famous char kuey teow. waited sooo long for it, an hour plus at least, proven la famous. and i was shock at the price, RM6.50 per plate. sooo mahal. conclusion*: Penang food is expensive! HAHA. besides char kuey teow, we had fried oyster egg, ice kacang, otak-otak for starters.. the char kuey teow was ok for me, to me, there's nothing so great about it that i have to wait an hour more for it. Ipoh's one is yummy too. LOL.

char kuey teow..

fried oyster egg.
BUT i still prefer the one in Ipoh, at Canning Garden. LOL.

ais kacang. RM3.50 = expensive.
to me, nothing too great too. Ipoh's one is good. haha.

after lunch, went to Queensbay. it's the latest mall in Penang, crowded with ppl. went SHOPPING. whee.. MegaSale everywhere. and the sale there was CRAZY. so many stuff on sale, discounts up to 70%. so ended up buying 3 shirts and a black top. all discounted. haha. helped my bros choose jeans. whole family shopped for clothes. was quite tired after that also, walked too much. Queensbay's big.

6pm, left the mall. went to meet Qu Wern. we put up the night at his grandpa's house. super nice n comfy house. thanks lots Qu Wern. it was great to see u again. haha. dinner, Qu Wern brought us to a chinese restaurant. had an amazing dinner. thank you daddy.

after dinner, was suppose to go to Feringgi Beach pasar malam, but unfortunately it was raining heavily. it was raining heavily since before dinner. so, plan kinda spoiled. so we just went back n watch astro n chit chat. haha. slept at 2.45am.

Day 2

went to Penang Wesley for church service. met Wei-An and Yue Yi. it's been ages since i last saw them, like 4 years ago since they left our church. next, headed to Balik Pulau to eat durian!! haha. took a long drive there coz it's far. Balik Pulau is actually a hilly area. stopped by one of the stalls to have durian. the person recommended 2 types of durian: Amy Yip and Red Prawn.


Amy Yip

Red Prawn

i prefer the Amy Yip type. but my bros prefer Red Prawn. haha. the durian was so tempting till my younger bro couldn't help but eat though he had mouth ulcer. haha.

the view from Balik Pulau. spot the sea..

rambutans on the tree..

and durians on the tree..

after durian, went to Batu Ferringgi Beach. wanted to go for jet ski, but sea was too rough, not advisable to do so, so in the end tak jadi again. sad case right.. but nvm, went there enjoy the beach wind.. and watch those huge waves.. they're really huge, as tall as a person. went shop for beach pants too.. LOL.

huge waves..
the huge wave covering the guys on jet ski behind.
can only see a little of their heads if u look carefully.

me, daddy, david

after spending quite some time chilling by the beach, went to Gurney Plaza. went for a light lunch at 3pm, coz that time our stomachs still kinda full with the durian. haha. daddy took us chili's to eat, for the first time.

Fajita Nachos chicken

Caleb Club Sandwich

Firecracker Fish.
i love the sauce. yummy.

Grilled chicken. the mashpotatoes good.

happy people enjoying the food :)

the men of the family.. :D
David's dummy looking face. haha.

after lunch, walk a bit in Gurney Plaza then headed back to Ipoh..

on the highway, almost reaching the tunnel part, the car overheated. we thought the pipe or something burst, coz we tried adding water but the water we added somehow seemed like it flowed out coz there was literally water draining out unto the road. scary experience to be stranded by the highway. called the mechanics and the insurance company, wanted to arrange for a tow truck to tow the car back. the position our car was just beside the road like that was so dangerous. we remembered the incident that happened to someone we know years ago. prayer was all we could do.

we waited... PLUS came along the way. they tried adding water. then dunno how the PLUS guy said it was ok ady. there was enough water. so we started the enjine and checked the temperature. it was back to normal, seemed like there wasn't anymore water draining out anymore, so we continued our journey back... car was ok throughout the journey. really thank God for the safe journey..



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yesterday, went KL for a day trip. took the 9am train down. then went straight to MidValley for missions meeting with the rest of the team members. went to Nando's for lunch and have the meeting at the same time. it was great to get to see all of them :)

at MidValley, bro managed to get his adapter from Machines for his MacBook. the shop's so cool, selling all the Apple stuff. i love Apple stuff, i love their design esp. haha. then went kacau Sherrie working as a promoter promoting P1 W1max. haha.

then went Kelana Jaya station to meet Kenny. he picked us up from there to go makan. haha. all the way along the journey to Puchong, chatted, kacau each other, take random photos. LOL.

bro n Kenny in the front seats.

went makan, at Bumbu Bali at Puchong there. took a long long drive there while having fun chatting. whee.. the food at Bumbu Bali there was good. i ordered some grilled fish pasta. big portion so i was like playing with my food towards the end. haha.

check out the beautiful deco at the restaurant.

the deco on the table.

the yummy food we ordered..

Barley Lime

Grilled fish pasta

Grilled Dory Fish

erm. i don't known what this dish is. hehe.
but looks good.

the people at the dinner..

bro n me.

me n Kenny.

thanks Kenny. for the wonderful dinner. come Ipoh, our turn to treat u to an even more yummy dinner. haha. thanks for the car ride too. see ya soon :)

after dinner, went to visit Esther Wee at her house. met the family. her younger bro is so cute. haha. there, we talked. bro copied photos from her. and we took photos too. roll..

top: bro n Kenny
bottom: Esther n me

good to see Esther, my long long time friend since kids. we met at a camp way back when we were in late primary school i think. haha. then we lost contact for some years n we got reunited at college when she n i were both at MCKL 2 years ago. haha. now she's studying law. hope to see u again Esther :)

9pm, headed back to KL Sentral to catch the train back home at 9.45pm. wish the trip was longer. wish my hols were longer laa. time flies so fast la :(


Outing with sis..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

today, manage to grab a quickie opportunity to hang out with dear sis, Judith and also with Jonathan (Ju's bro) n Ray and my brothers too. whee. first, headed for dinner at Woolley's with her family and mine too. then we kids went Jusco while our parents went for the wake service of one of our church member's brother.

at Woolley, there were loads of good food. Ray was so excited eating the Unagi set which cost him RM11. he said it was like so cheap compared to KL. haha. well, i don't deny the fact it's cheaper than KL. he's Jonathan's friend at IMU, he's from Kuching and he's down in Ipoh for visit.

i had char kuey teow. my bro n i like the char kuey teow at Woolley.

after dinner, headed to Jusco. went shopping of course. haha. Ju bought wat she needed. went hunting for the scarfs but couldn't find. i'll promise i'll help u find k Ju. hehe. we were just literally lepaking. waiting for Ray to buy his stuff. half the time hunting for Jonathan n my twin bros who kept on went missing suddenly. LOL.

dear sis and me =) love ya dear
a quick pic while waiting for Ray outside Cheetah shop.

sis playing with my specs. haha.
thanks to my bro for the pic.

i bought the Stabilo coloured pens, 10 in a box. i find them quite useful for studies and also for decoration purposes. and bought earrings too. RM10 for 5. some of mine went missing one side. some broke. been a year since i went shopping for accesories. hehe. thanks sis for helping me choose too =)

i find them so cute =)

after the wake service ended, went home at around 10pm. poor sis got to complete some homework. wish i could help her but my add maths all return to teacher ady. hehe. looking forward to our next shopping outing again. hopefully Thurs. i'll be in KL on Tues and Wed for missions meeting and to visit Kenny and hopefully Esther Wee. whee..


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