It's back to school..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

well.. i went back to school today to visit.. spent some time with my teacher and my two juniors, Kean Mun and Zi Hui.. haven't seen them for quite some time.. had lunch in the school canteen and i ate my favourite bowl of laksa.. whee.. it was yummy.. i remember how i used to eat that laksa every week during those school days.. it really seemed like a walk down memory lane.. well, the school hasn't changed much.. but anyway, i've only left school for only half a year.. lol.. after lunch, we hang around the library workroom.. took some photos.. with scissors also.. lol.. here are the photos..

Kean Mun n me.. scissors as lollipops.. lol..

Zi Hui n me.. scissors as lollipops again.. lol..

Kean Mun, Zi Hui n me: Do not play with scissors..

Zi Hui, Kean Mun, Me

practically, it was just us and those scissors.. lol.. oh ya, Kean Mun also gave me a little present.. a message in a bottle.. thanks Kean Mun.. it's nice..

thanks Kean Mun :)

well, i'll be looking forward to more visits to the school.. till then, i'm gonna miss everyone in school.. keep in touch ppl..


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