God is there..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

in the midst of the bombings and chaos, God is there, His angels of protection surrounds us.
i realize how brief life can just be. you never know what can ever happen next.
but prayer is the weapon we carry, and His promise that He will never leave us.

Monday, 29th March 2010 - 2 bomb blasts in Moscow metro in the early peak hour of the morning, kills 38 and injuring dozens.

Psalms 23:4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


UK Holiday (Part 3)

Friday, February 26, 2010

will be up as soon as i can..
cheers :)

God bless n take care everyone.


UK Holiday (Part 2)

Edinburgh (3 nights)

stayed at Brodies Hostel which was good n very comfortable too. except that breakfast n free wi-fi not provided compared to Central Hostel, Riga. haha. here, we didn't pay to join any tour but we discovered a free tour n joined it. it was not bad i would say, very interesting as the tour guide was very knowledgeable n a nice n funny person.

this love shape pathway is not something that is very nice where u can lie down n take photo with. the truth is that this thing, is where ppl spit when they past by. ewwww...

The Royal Yatch of Brittania

traditional Scottish dish called Haggis.
it actually lamb internal organs with oats.
anybody up for it? well, i actually tried it.
to me, it tasted all nice at the beginning but after talking a bit more,
it started to taste weird. haha..

at a weaving factory where they make Scottish wear.

at Edinburgh Castle
the view from Edinburgh Castle

we also joined the tour to the Highlands which was very beautiful, but this is not free of course. hehe.. but it was worth it.

The Wallace Monument.

the awesome breath-taking scenery
Loch Tea
u can find this animal in the highlands of Scotland.

and also visited the whiskey factory. Scotland is famous for it's whiskey.

and we all got to taste a little whiskey,
some were even up to 35 yrs old.
but to me, it tasted horrible, coz i hate the taste of alcohol. haha.

after Edinburgh, headed to Glasgow for 2 nights.
continue on next post..


UK Holiday (Part 1)

during the winter holidays, went to UK for holiday with a few of my friends. there was quite a number of us going different places in different groups. my group had 6 ppl in total: me, Saac, Valynne, Charmaine, Brandon, Kelvin.

23rd January night, we left Moscow for Riga, Latvia, which is a country located beside Russia. there we are to catch the flight to London. to get to Riga, we took the train which is the cheapest way but it takes 15 hours to reach Riga. together on the train journey, we were with Sharon, Gan, Chia Zhen n Zi Hao as well (but their flights were a different one). on the train, we made a lot of new friends, and even played mafia with one of them.

we reached Riga, Latvia on the 24th and spent a night there. our flight to London was on 25th morning. after checking in at Central Hostel (the best hostel among all the other hostels we stayed at), went to explore Riga. Temperature there was extremely cold, - 25 degrees. our hands n faces felt numb walking in the cold.

we went to the famous Occupation Museum. and even went to the National Opera House to watch ballet Nutcracker at night. the ticket fare was very cheap and very worth it.

25th morning, took the flight from Riga to London. arrived at London on 25th noon. checked in at the hostel at Northfields. it was late by the time we did so, so we just headed down the road for dinner and to explore the area which had a lot of Indian shops (we assumed it was an Indian area. haha.) finally, had dinner of fish n chips.

the fish n chips was awesome. fresh fish n potatoes with free tartar sauce n tomato sauce.

the owner of the shop was reli nice, she even gave us extra free chips. hehe..

we spent 3 nights in London before our next destination, Edinburgh, Scotland. in London, we joined the tour which consists of the hop on hop off bus tour where we could see the entire London city and its attractions, n walking tours where we witness the changing of guards at Buckingham palace n King James palace.

for our 2nd plate of Fish n Chips, we had it at Sherlock Holmes where we were given a big amount of discount through the tour that we took.

for more photos, kindly see facebook

after London, headed to Edinburgh by bus. we took the overnight bus, so we spend the night sleeping on in the bus.

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update coming up soon..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey everyone,

sorry that my blog had been abandoned for sometime, or more like quite a long long time. my comp had no internet and it was a bit inconvenient to online at times so i didn't manage to update my blog as well. schedules were hectic as well with major finals as well. anyways, now's the start of a new semester. i've managed to fix internet to my comp now so it's much more convenient now so i hope to update more. my schedule this semester is less hectic too compared to the previous one. i'll update soon on my winter hols to UK. till then, see ya all. God bless.


a saddening terrible accident..

Friday, November 27, 2009

today, a terrible saddening accident happened at the main road just outside my hostel. it's been the 2nd accident of the month. this time, i only saw the aftermath after getting down from the bus, the dead body. based on our observations of the shoe on the road and the position of the body beside the trailer lorry, there's the possibility that the person was hit and dragged by the huge trailer. the 1st accident happened about a month ago, right in front of my eyes, just 100 meters away, when we were about to cross the road to go for class in the morning.

realizing everything that happened today, i realize sometimes we just tend to take our safety for granted. we take life for granted, sometimes just wasting it and not making full use of it, not living out the purpose for our lives. never take life for granted. never take the blessings of God for granted, even in the aspect of our safety, it's already something that is a tremendous blessing from God.

i've learn so much. i thank God He's always there for me bringing me through everything.
it's control exams season now. the last control exams before the Anatomy and Histology Final Exams in January. wow.. scary! Anatomy kills! still got control exams to clear. time is really essence.

Okies. I guess that's all for now. Till then, take care everyone. Sorry for not updating, will try my best to do so :) God bless.

P/S: Dear Kuzmin hostel ppl, please please be extra careful when crossing the main road outside our hostel!


Dear Daddy..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Thank you,
for everything,
for being the BEST daddy in the world.

Thank you,
for all your LOVE,
endless care and support,
and for always being there for me,
no matter how busy you were,
or how far apart we were.

Even words cannot express,
how much I LOVE You.
I wish I was Home now,
to celebrate your birthday with you,
and to join in all the surprises,
to make your day,
such a special and memorable one.

It feels like a part of me is missing,
when I can't be home to be there with you.
But, I know,
my heart is at Home, with you,
even though I'm not there physically.

I pray, that God will bless Daddy so much,
Like how daddy has blessed me so much.

and I miss you too..

-Daddy's Little Girl-


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