Tuesday, September 25, 2007

okay.. the moment has arrived.. in less than an hours time, i'll be heading to KL.. then tomorrow morning at 5.30am i'll be at KLIA.. and at 8am, my plane will leave for Moscow.. so.. this will be my last post back here in Malaysia.. and maybe for a long time coz i won't be able to update that often there in Moscow coz my hostel doesn't have internet connection and i will have to go out to get internet connection.. but i promise i'll try my very best to update when i can.. so everyone.. farewell.. to my parents, thank you for everything.. i love you both and will miss you lots.. to my brothers, David, Samuel & Stephen, thank you for everything too.. i'll miss you guys too.. to my ex-college friends, i really wished i could have seen you all again and spend some more time with you all.. i really miss those outings we had together.. and to my school friends, thank you so much for all your support during those school days.. i really miss those times.. to my youth friends, thank you so much for everything.. i really wish i could join you all for the outing.. i will really miss you all.. so.. farewell Malaysia, farewell everyone.. i will miss you all.. love ya all lots.. take care everyone and God Bless.. see you all next summer holidays.. 9 months time.. i'll be counting the days to meeting you all again..


My last Sunday..

Monday, September 24, 2007

farewell is really hard to say.. and especially on this Sunday, my last Sunday, where i will meet my church pals for the last time before i leave to Moscow.. i will indeed miss everyone a lot.. thanks everyone for your prayers.. though i will be very far away, i will remember you all in my prayers..

Zu Ning n me..

Zu Ning, thanks for everything.. will miss you a lot.. thanks for all your hard work in MYF.. keep up the good work and continue to shine for Him.. all the best in your SPM.. remember, just do your best and leave the rest to God.. He will take care of you.. keep in touch.. God Bless..

Irene n me..

Irene, thanks for being my good friend at church.. i'm gonna miss you.. take care k.. all the best in your PMR.. don't stress too much ya.. remember to trust God to help you.. i'll see you next year during summer holidays.. keep in touch..

Jojo n me..

Jojo, thanks for everything.. i will miss you lots too.. keep smiling ya.. your smile's really nice.. continue to seek, serve n follow Christ.. all the best in everything.. God Bless..

me n Jin Ee..

Jin Ee, your laughter is really contagious.. haha.. but laughter is good.. continue laughing ya.. lol.. will miss you.. anyways, thanks for everything.. thanks for your lame crap and all.. haha.. all the best in form 6.. take care :)

Judith n me.. my dear godsis n buddy..

Judith.. thanks so much for everything.. for always being there for me and all.. thank you for your company and your prayers.. you've really been of great help and support to me in many ways.. you're really an irreplaceable godsis that i treasure very much.. i really thank God He gave me you.. hehe.. i will really really miss you a lot.. well.. continue to serve God k.. with your talents n all.. keep up the good work in MYF.. you've really blessed me and others in so many ways.. all the best in everything you do.. always remember that you're not alone, God is there.. and i'm there too.. maybe not physically but my prayers will always be with you.. you can sms me, call me, friendster me, msn me, email me, just anything.. i'll be so happy to hear from you.. keep in touch k.. will miss you lots.. love ya n God Bless..

Gavin n me.. my godbro..

Gavin, thank you so much for everything.. for all your prayers, gifts, sharing, motivation and every little thing.. you've really been a blessing to me and to those around you also.. will miss you a lot.. and will always remember you, an irreplaceable godbro that i treasure a lot too.. and i really thank God He gave me you.. well.. continue to seek, serve n follow Christ.. and be a blessing to others around you.. keep in touch ya.. don't forget to tell me latest news.. hehe.. sms me, call me, friendster me, email me, msn me, anything u can think of, just anything.. i'll be really happy.. take care and God Bless ya..

Judith, me n Gavin :)

JinEe, me, Lena, Jojo, Han n Boky..

farewell everyone.. i will miss you all.. 'paka' and 'dasvidania'.. see you next summer holidays.. God Bless you all..

p/s: 'paka' means a friendly bye in russian while 'dasvidania' means a respectful bye in russian..


Farewell dinner..

yesterday, Saturday night, had my farewell dinner with church youth friends at Crazy Ice-Cream.. a really big thank you to all who came: David, Judith, Ian, Jamie, Hsien Han, Hsien Shoong, Jin Ee, Jojo, Lena, Boky, Lip Hyean, Gavin, Jee Seng.. ate and chatted.. food was not bad.. and the price is also reasonable.. in fact, they have very cheap western food.. haha..

Crazy Ice-Cream :)

after dinner, some of us went Gavin's house watch movies.. Jee Seng, David, Judith, Jojo, Lip Hyean, Jamie, Ian were there.. watched a Japanese movie 'Shinobi'.. kinda nice and touching.. by the time the movie finished, it was like almost 12 midnight.. somemore the next day is Sunday and have to get up early so we all quickly rush back home.. so.. that was it.. my last Saturday.. though a short while, but it was worth it.. thank you so much everyone for making it so special to me.. and thanks to my brother, David for organizing it.. a BIG thank you to everyone.. i will surely miss everyone a lot.. God Bless..


Meeting classmates..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

on Saturday morning, went out with Melissa Liew n Wan Chee.. actually, planned to meet more people but too bad they couldn't make it.. but anyway, it's ok.. at least i got to meet Melissa n Wan Chee.. i've been wanting to see them coz i've not seen them for quite some time.. we met at Ipoh Parade.. we gathered at Popular n guess what, we met Pooi Yee also.. but she's got a date.. haha.. went walking around.. Melissa bought Kerabu Mango from one of those Thailand stalls set up there.. it was nice but i couldn't eat much coz i had a sore throat and didn't wanna make it worst so i just tried a bit.. what a pity i couldn't eat more.. then, we went Cafe de Coral.. Wan Chee got ice-cream.. another thing i can't eat.. haiz.. so sad u know.. can't eat this can't eat that.. why la fall sick at such a time.. haizz.. but anyways.. i enjoyed talking with them.. well.. though it was only a short while, it was worth it.. Wan Chee had to leave early so i had lunch with Melissa at Kopitiam after Wan Chee left.. we had sandwiches coz we were kinda full.. then Melissa had to go tuition.. :( so.. that was it.. well.. Melissa, Wan Chee.. thanks so much for coming.. all the best in form 6, Melissa.. i know u can do it.. Wan Chee, all the best in your accounts course.. i'm sure you'll make a good accountant.. and to Jo Ann, i was hoping to see you but it's ok that you couldn't make it.. just don't stress too much k.. chill.. i know you can.. all the best, Jo Ann.. i will really miss you all.. take care ya.. till we meet again, keep in touch..


Pasar malam with dear godsis and brother..

last Friday, went pasar malam with godsis, Judith and brother, David.. had an outing together coz we wanted to spend time together before i leave.. well.. went earring hunting.. haha.. coz Judith wanted to stock up on earrings since she'll be having her ears pierced.. hehe.. so i also ikut sama go see see earring also.. i bought one pair and Judith bought 4 pairs.. haha.. well.. really enjoyed that little time with her.. will always miss u Judith.. as for my brother David, haha.. he followed and he had sugarcane drink plus some 'apong'.. lol.. all the while his mind was somewhere else.. thinking about what to do on Saturday night for the dinner.. haha.. oh ya.. Judith also finally got to sit in the car i drove.. haha.. after so long.. how's my driving Judith? scarry? haha.. not so bad la right? i driving manual worr.. lol.. haha.. really enjoyed that night.. it was worth it.. i will miss you Judith.. and also my big brother, David.. thanks for being my driver.. sorry la.. i won't ask u to drive me for the next 9 months since i'm in Moscow.. lol.. love you both so much.. and will miss you so much..

mum, brother, me n dad on brother's graduation..

Judith n me during video filming..



Thursday, September 20, 2007

yesterday evening, went to Ulu Chepor waterfall with my brother and Bryan.. my brother wanted to look at the place to find a suitable part for the youths to have their outing on 30th Sept.. too bad i won't be here to attend the outing.. i really wanna go.. it's been ages since i went to play at that waterfall.. i remember when i was younger i used to go a lot.. but now, didn't go already.. things have change.. probably we're more busy now.. hehe.. well.. we went there and look see look see.. then we walked inside to look for the waterfall.. it was kinda a long way.. but we managed to reach the waterfall.. though it was not a big one it's still worth it.. hehe.. we went into the cooling clean water.. it felt so nice.. childhood memories immediately came into my mind.. it made me miss them so much.. well.. here are some photos i took..

the waterfall.. small it is but still nice..

my legs in the cool clean flowing water.. nice :)

i love it :)

the scenery..

the water flowing through the rocks..


What has this world become??

What has this world become? i seriously think everyone should think of it.. seriously.. i am very concern.. recently, we read about the young girl who got murder after being sexually assaulted and having cucumber and brinjal forced into her private parts and then left abandoned in a gym bag near a shop.. when i first read the papers in the morning, i was HORRIFIED.. making the girl suffer by forcing cucumber and brinjal into her private parts and then causing her death.. how could there be such a cruel person.. what did the girl do to ever deserve such a thing.. how could he even do such a thing.. making such a young innocent girl suffer.. she doesn't deserve it.. why does such a thing have to happen? seriously, i really don't understand that stupid crazy idiotic person who did that thing.. what does he gain from doing that.. he's really a person with no mercy, no brains, no love in his heart.. that person is such an idiot.. i really dunno how to describe how sorry i feel.. i feel so so sorry for the girl.. i really hope that culprit will be caught as soon as possible before he gets more victims.. we cannot afford to delay anymore.. may justice be done..


Back to school for the last time..

went back to school on Wednesday with Ming Lee and Kavita.. went back to meet teachers and friends.. well.. it will be my last trip back to school before i leave to Moscow.. next trip back to school will probably be next year June when i come back for summer holidays.. hehe.. met lotsa teachers.. and went down to canteen during recess to meet other friends.. talked and talked and talked a lot with them.. so many stories to tell.. haha.. hehe.. i will certainly miss them all.. well.. here are the photos we took..

blur.. Back: me, Kavita n Ming Lee
Front: Pn Murizan n Pn Jamnah

Kavita, Ming Lee, me n Pn Murizan :)

me n Pn Murizan..

Back: me, Kavita, Pn Hasnah n Ming Lee
Front: Pn Azizah

me, Miss Chong n Kavita..

Kavita n me with Cik Tengku..

well.. i will look forward to the next trip to school.. hehe.. :)


Outing :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

on Tuesday afternoon, went Ipoh Parade with brother for shopping.. my brother needed to get a new wallet coz his wallet is in a bad condition already.. and i needed to get some stuff.. went walking around looking for what there is available.. and finally, my brother managed to get his wallet and i managed to get the stuff i needed.. hehe.. well, while shopping i also met my ex-piano teacher.. so happen she was there shopping also.. haha.. didn't expect to meet her.. over all, it was a good trip out.. i enjoyed it and i will certainly miss it.. :) well.. after Ipoh Parade, on the way back home, decided to drop by the Ipoh Railway Station to visit and see see.. since it's been newly renovated, we wanted to see how it looks like.. i remember before it started renovation, many years ago, i used to go to that place with my family.. we would go there and watch the trains and just explore the platforms and underground passage to go to the other side of the platform.. but now the newly renovated one doesn't have the underground passage anymore.. how sad.. haha.. well.. i remember the satays we used to buy at the stalls near the railway station.. i miss those satays.. now, they've moved all those stalls away to another place and ever since they moved them, i've never gone to eat those satays again.. talking about them makes me hungry right now.. haha.. anyone gonna get me some satay? lol.. well.. i prefer the malay satay more than the chinese made ones.. haha.. for me, the satays the Malays make are nicer.. i love the sauce and i especially like them with more nuts in it.. haha.. whoa.. i'm getting hungry.. lol.. oh ya, we also sat the old ancient lift at the Majestic Hotel situated at the railway station itself.. that lift is the old type where u have to manually close the door yourself and it's not like the lifts we find where it automatically comes when u press the button for the lift to come.. haha.. i remember i used to play with it last time, many years ago.. so.. having to sit that lift after such a long time really makes me miss those days.. being a kid is fun.. haha.. well.. here are some photos i took of the newly renovated railway station and the ancient lift.. enjoy..

new walkway.. my bro standing in the middle.. haha..

new doors..

new new new..

the old lift from the outside..

the old lift from the inside.. the door..

after the railway station visit, since we were thirsty, went 'tau fu fah' hunting.. haha.. coz 'tau fu fah' is cooling and we both love 'tau fu fah'.. haha.. went hunting.. but too bad, all the stalls were close.. thought of buying sugarcane drink coz couldn't find 'tau fu fah' but decided to see whether another 'tau fu fah' stall is open, but too bad it was close.. and when we wanna go back and buy the sugarcane drink, that stall pulak close.. so in the end have to settle for lime juice at home.. haha.. wat a day.. but.. it was fun.. i will miss it..


8 more days to go..

Monday, September 17, 2007

haven't finish packing..
stuff still outside the bag..
stuff not inside the bag..
haven't finish getting stuff..
still have to make some trips out..
haven't got my Hep A & B injection..
still have to make a trip to Dr Lai's clinic..
and the list goes on..
haven't met up with everyone..
to say goodbye..
i must meet everyone before i leave..
do i have time for all that?


Family Gathering..

last night.. i had my last family gathering before i leave for Moscow.. had dinner with everyone.. my aunt (who is a very very superb good cook) made the food.. she made roasted chicken wings, all kinds of noodles and cakes.. i enjoyed the food.. i especially like her cakes.. she makes super good cakes.. super duper delicious.. this time, she made some pandan layer cakes which were my favourite.. i love pandan flavoured stuff.. the cakes were so nice.. how i wish i could cook as well as her.. haha.. well, she makes a lot of other stuff also.. since mooncake festival's just around the corner, she's been making lotsa mooncakes.. although i don't eat mooncakes but based on people, she makes good mooncakes.. there are people who even order mooncakes from her.. that shows how good her cooking skills are.. and once, my housemates in KL ate the chocolate cake she made and they said it was even better than the Secret Recipe ones.. whoa.. thats a very good compliment since Secret Recipe are known for their cakes.. haha.. well.. here's the pandan layer cake my aunt made..

i love it :)

before i left, took some photos.. here's one i took with my camera phone.. the other photos are in my mum's camera..

cousins: Vivian, me n Jimmy

well.. i will really miss them.. and i really thank everyone for making the night so special to me.. will always remember everyone.. see you all during summer holidays..


My second last Sunday..

well.. i had to do this sketch thing for the Sunday School.. we had to act out something like a TV programme.. i was the contestant and i was made to wear a dress with heels and earrings.. my brother, David was the announcer and he had to wear formal with tie.. Bryan Poh was the devil and he had to wear all black (black shirt and pants with black robe on the outside) and red horns.. haha.. he must have been feeling real hot.. then.. May Yan was the leader.. here are some photos.. took them before the sketch.. hehe..

me n my bro..

The cast: Bryan, May Yan, me n bro..

went to MYF late because of the sketch.. but made it back in time before they broke up into the buddy group.. we had a time of sharing and praying for one another.. later.. after MYF, went for lunch at some restaurant (can't rmb the name) at Canning Garden area.. Hsien Han, Hsien Shoong, Bryan, Ian, David, Lena, Lip Hyean went.. i had rice with veggies and meat plus fried chicken.. the fried chicken was nice.. delicious.. yummy.. haha.. after lunch, went to watch 'The Brave One' at Jusco with David, Bryan, Ian and Lip Hyean.. the show was kinda good.. well.. guess it may be the last movie i watch back here in Ipoh before i leave to Moscow.. at Moscow there the movies won't be nice to watch.. coz all the movies there are dubbed into Russian.. no longer original.. sad case.. haha..


Less than 2 weeks left..

Friday, September 14, 2007

well.. i realize how time flies.. now, i only have less than 2 weeks left before i leave to Moscow.. i will indeed miss everyone.. well.. today was a great day.. went to meet Pooi Yee to learn some russian.. started out with the russian alphabet.. whoa.. it's was not easy.. so so so not easy.. so so so confusing.. it really ate up all my energy.. trust me, once you try learning it u'll know wat i mean.. coz they got all kinds of rules in their grammar.. must have this and that.. so confusing.. why can't they just make it simpler and make it so much easier.. haha.. plus.. when we write russian, the letters have to connect like how we write cursive writing.. well.. i don't like to write cursive but now i guess i have no choice but to write cursive.. lol.. anyway, thanks Pooi Yee for helping.. it really helped me.. coz i really couldn't learn on my own.. it's almost impossible.. haha.. will see you in Russia hopefully.. hehe..
then.. at night.. i went pasar malam with dad.. well.. it will be the last pasar malam in 9 months.. i will miss pasar malam.. lol.. well.. actually, went there to get some comfy long pants for sleeping in Moscow.. coz it's gonna be cold at night apparently.. walked and walked.. so many people.. crowded.. and today was not raining so i guess particularly more people will go pasar malam.. haha.. i love pasar malam coz i love to see the stuff they sell.. haha.. saw a bag with words on it saying 'I'm not a plastic bag'.. haha.. love it coz it's cute but didn't ask the price coz i guess it would be out of my budget anyway.. haha.. well.. that was a good time spent with dad.. will miss my daddy.. hehe.. thanks dad for everything..

me and dad at Singapore Jurong Bird Park..



Monday, September 10, 2007

yesterday, Sunday.. we had something different.. we had koreans with us.. Pastor Noh and his son, Aram with another new female singer, can't remember her name, plus a group of profesional hairstylist from Korea came.. they actually came to Ipoh on Thursday.. Pastor Noh, Aram and the female singer lead the praise and worship session during church service.. and those profesional hairstylist gave free haircut to street people, the homeless and the unfortunate.. they also did free haircut for those young people who came to JMC on Saturday morning.. and on Sunday, they did for the seniors of the church.. my goodness.. after the haircut, the seniors look so much younger with their new hairstyle.. those hairstylist were amazing.. they cut super fast compared to out hairdresses.. and yet they could make nice hairstyles.. haha.. well, while watching those hairstylist at work when we finished MYF meeting, managed to take some pictures.. well, took one with Hannah Ong.. she'll be going back to KL to start college next week.. so i won't be seeing her till next year during summer holidays.. well Hannah, will miss u.. and thanks for sharing during MYF meeting.. it was good.. God Bless..

me and Hannah :)

Irene, ShaunA, Jojo n me..

me n Jin Ee.. can't see her eyes.. lol..

me n Judith :)

well, this will me my third last Sunday before i leave.. will miss everyone in church..


Moscow, here I come.. Time flies..

Sunday, September 9, 2007

yesterday, went for briefing at KL for my studies in Moscow, Russia.. left Ipoh at 7.45am and reach the place of briefing at 10.30am.. didn't reach on time though for the first batch of briefing but there was still the second batch.. there, i found out that my plane flight will be on 26th Sept at 2am.. but i have to be in KLIA on 25th Sept at 11pm.. will be flying with Emirates.. time flies indeed.. i only have less than 3 weeks left of home sweet home.. i hate saying goodbyes.. hehe.. anyways, found out that there'll be 5 people including me going for the pre-medical course and about 20 plus people going into first year degree.. hmm.. well, guess it's gonna be a new life soon.. when was done with the briefing, left Kl at 12.30pm cause i had to rush back to travel to Penang with other church youth for Youth Rally there.. though i could have almost couldn't make it, but thank God i could make it on time back.. dad drove all the way at speed of 120 km/j.. lol.. i was super tired.. my butt hurt cause of the many hours of sitting in the car.. haha.. but it was a worthwill trip to Penang.. the Youth Rally was awesome though most of the songs they sang were unknown to most of us.. but the thing that made it awesome was the speaker.. the speaker was good.. and his message touched many lives that night.. though we left early because we had to travel back, we had a time of sharing in the van.. thanks to Aunty Judy.. it was a really blessed time when everyone just opened up.. we just got to know each other better.. and before we even realise, we were back home.. Praise God for all His blessings..

anyway, manage to take a picture before the Youth Rally started..

FRONT: Judith, me n Hannah.. BACK: Shirley, Gavin n David..


Saturday, September 8, 2007



My New Spectacles..

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i just got my new spectacles.. i love it.. it's a SODA spectacles.. i made an extra one just in case i break one in Moscow.. lol.. but then, the power of the lenses is different from the one older.. the one before actually was inaccurate and caused me to get headache if i wore it for many hours.. cause i did it with a different optometrist and i guess he didn't do a proper job.. i found out that it was inaccurate when i made this new pair and re-checked my eyes with another optometrist that i use to go to since i made my first pair of specs.. thats one of the reasons why i don't wear specs at times.. but anyway, this time, i made a half-frame one instead of a frame-less one.. haha.. here's my new specs.. and the case too.. i love the case.. and the specs also of course.. lol.. but i know someone else will like my specs case.. Annie, i know u like it cause it's green.. lol.. when i saw the case, it reminded me of u.. and ur love for green.. haha..

my new specs.. it's green..

the green case..

i love it :)

Thanks, mom.. for the new specs.. and for everything..


Sunday, September 2, 2007



P/s: Sorry for the late wish..


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