Graduation Sunday

Saturday, February 28, 2009

i finally managed to find some time to update this blog. i know it's been kinda dead. sorry people. i promise i'll always update whenever i can.

Anyway, last Sunday, 22nd February, was Graduation Sunday at church. it was the graduation for more than 100 people from the Malaysian Fellowship who completed a course that had been running for months. Congrats to everyone..

So, took some photos with some of my friends. here they are..

Charmaine, Valynne, me
& Aaron

Gan, me, Zi Hao, Valynne, Charmaine

Vashni n me

and back in hostel, took more photos too.. Charmaine, Valynne n me.


Getting on, moving on..

Monday, February 16, 2009

hey people..
thank you all so much for all your concern.
i'm ok, getting on, moving on.
now, i'm currently busy with classes and lectures.
and also an upcoming event called One Life.
it's gonna be an awesome event.
i currently have 6 day class a week.
sad case right.
now i don't even have a free Saturday.
it really sucks to have to go to uni on a Saturday.
anyways, ntg much here except the hectic life,
more hectic than 1st Semester.
but i'm looking forward to a fruitful 2nd Semester.
a better one than the 1st Semester.
will update some interesting stuff here soon ya.
oh ya, Moscow sales are crazy.
i just bought 2 autumn / spring coats for 399 rubs.
which means RM39.90 based on the exchange rate 10 now.
in Malaysia you can't even buy such a coat at such a price.
till then, take care everyone.
missing you all back home so so much.
so looking forward to seeing you all in summer, June.

Love from Moscow,


It's hard..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the feeling is so hard,
i dunno how to express it,
it feels like i really don't wanna care anymore,
but then,
in the end,
i care so much,
i feel so stupid sometimes,
and it's not like once in a blue moon.

i need patience.
Lord, give me the patience.
tell me what to do.
teach me how to overcome this.
i may not be able to take it much longer,
if i am going to care about it even more,
i will surely break down.
Help me Lord.

i really really may not be able to bear it anymore..


Back in Moscow..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi everyone.

i just arrived in Moscow yesterday afternoon Moscow time. and i just got my internet activated again. so yeah, can go online ady. hehe
started classes and lectures today also. and went to library to get books too.
so.. it's back to the same hectic life of a medical student. and now even more hectic than 1st semester.
now gotta adapt back to the hectic life since i've been in a lazy time back in Msia. haha.
well, take care everyone.
i'm missing you all loads.

Love from Moscow,


a time to say goodbye..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i'm leaving tonight
Saturday, 7th February at 9.10pm
that's my flight.

yesterday, when i was in the car with mum,
she mentioned about what time we needed to leave for KLIA.
for a moment,
i didn't realize that it was the next day that i needed to leave,
this sweet home,
full with a million reasons why i would prefer to stay.
it hit me hard.
i didn't realize i was leaving the next day.

and today,
as i finish up my packing,
all sorts of feelings start to come to me.
i may seem all ok to leave to most ppl who talked to me.
but actually, honestly,
on the inside,
i seriously don't feel like going back at all.
but i know i have to,
if i would wanna achieve what i've set out for.
i know i must keep persevering,
with God as my helper.

to my dearest mommy n daddy,
thank you so much for everything,
for this opportunity to come back,
for just this short 3 weeks,
just to celebrate CNY with the entire family,
which i sadly will not be able to in the next 5 years.
i love you both so much and i will miss you so so much.
your support and love will always be with me,
no matter where i am and in whatever situation.

to my dearest brothers,
David, Samuel and Stephen.
thank you so much for everything,
for all your company,
and for making my holiday a cherish able one.
i love you all and i'll miss you always.
remember your sis is always there remembering you too.

to my dearest godbro and godsis,
Gavin and Judith.
thank you for all those outings, chats n meals together,
those memories will always stay with me,
no matter where i am.
thank you for all your support, love and encouragement,
love you both lots and i'll miss you too.
remember that your sis here is always there for you too.

to all my dear friends,
who have always been there to support me,
thank you so much for everything.
sorry i didn't get to meet up with all of you,
due to CNY,
and the shortage of time,
since my holiday was just 3 weeks.
i will definitely make up for it during summer hols in June.
Annie, Joyce, Ming Lee, Melissa, Kenny..
i sooo must meet up with you all during summer hols.
missing you all so much.
take care k.
love you all loads too..

this is my final post before i head of to the airport.
goodbye everyone..
love you all..
and i will miss you all so much..



aww... so sweet..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

my little twin brothers gave me a bottle of perfume n body lotion.
aww, so sweet..
and it's nice wei, the smell i mean, so sweet..
i asked them how they manage to pick such a nice one,
they told me they got a little help from the salesgirl..
but it's ok, it's so sweet of them anyway..
that present was suppose to be a Christmas present,
but i couldn't come back for Christmas so they kept it.
so sweet of them..
thank you so much dears..
haha.. ur sis going crazy over it now. lol..


Happy Birthday Dear Brother..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The BEST brother in the world.

my brother David n me.

Hey bro.. too bad your uni classes started ady, i really wished i could celebrate your birthday with you. But anyway, was glad i could at least sneak a surprise for you through your course mate though the surprise nearly broke, who ask you go look at that facebook message lar.. haha. Enjoy your birthday ya. May God continue to pour His abundant blessings on you. Love you loads bro. And i'm so gonna miss you in Moscow, in fact, i already do now. Take care..

And also,

All the best there in UK. Hope to see ya during summer hols.
Enjoy your day and take care. God Bless. hugs hugs..


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