it's time to say goodbye, i'll see you again

Sunday, September 7, 2008

the moment has arrived. in 12 hours, i'm going to board the plane and journey to Moscow. well, u can say i've kinda got use to the idea of being away from home. but then, i still feel sad to have to leave family and friends in Malaysia. i'm gonna miss you all so much n i wanna say, "I love you all so much". thanks everyone, for being there for me.

thank you so much dad n mum, for giving me this opportunity to be able to further my studies in Moscow. thank you so much for everything. i love you so much. and i'm gonna miss you so much.

thanks David, Samuel n Stephen, for being the best brothers. thanks for everything. love you guys so much n i'll miss you too.

thanks Judith. for all your time spent with me despite your nearing PMR exams. thanks for always being there for me. contact me k, want you to know that i'm always there for you whenever you need me. love you so much sis. i'm gonna miss you.

thanks Gavin, for coming all the way back from Singapore partly to bid me goodbye. it really meant a lot to me. thanks so much for being my godbro. all the best in Singapore k. take good care of yourself k. love you loads! i miss u.

thanks Soon Ying, for being my close friend despite the fact that distance kinda is a problem. but no matter what, you're always my close friend that i reli treasure a lot. thanks so much for always being there for me. and don't you forget, i'm there for you too. take care k. do keep in touch. i'm gonna miss you. love you loads.

thanks Joyce, for being my close friend that i can go crazy with. lol. sorry, we didn't get the chance to go out more often. hope to see you next year and go swimming again. hehe. all the best in your studies. You can do it! keep in touch. love you lots.

thanks to my friends at MCKL too. thanks for the great time in KL. hope to see you guys again. all the best in your future.

thanks to everyone. thanks for everything. take care everyone. will miss you all so much. love you all loads. goodbye...


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