A New Semester..

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm now officially in 2nd year of medical course.
classes started on 1st September.
so now we're in our 2nd week of classes.
i got Pavel as my Physiology teacher and Anton as my Biochemistry teacher.


settled down in a new hostel, a new room.
although there were so many problems and disappointments along the way,
but then in the end,
i realized God was in control of the whole situation.
i really thank God for everything.

Currently, I'm staying in Kuzmin hostel.
it's a really nice place,
newly renovated so the rooms are all very nice,
and even more nicer after we clean up and decorated it the way we like.
The only thing bad is that the price of the hostel,
and the traffic jams in the morning.
so every morning we have to leave latest at 7.30am for classes.

So here's my new room.
my roommate is Saac (my godsis) and block mates are Shoba (3rd yr) and Sharon (2nd yr).
each unit has 2 rooms, 2 ppl per room.
really happy with to be able to settle down in this nice room with awesome block mates.
reli thank God for everything..

my bed n Saac's bed

the view from the window

the view from the door

my bed and my table

extra table for preparing meals and putting stuffs.
Saac's table at the inner corner.

the beautiful view from the window.
i bet it's gonna be nicer during autumn.

the bathroom

the corridor with the fridge and the sink.
the toilet at the corner.

And for our first combined fellowship meeting,
we had it at the Kuzminki Park together with Karhov Hotspot.
the park's awesome,
they had those amusement park things there like kids roller coaster, etc.
and even horses.. hehe.

we had fellowship at an empty corner among the trees.
had praise & worship, ice-breaker, sharing of the Word, and some food of course.

Sharon n me. my awesome block mate :)
while waiting for bus outside the hostel.

happy people :)

Team 1 for ice-breaker

Team 2 for ice-breaker

group photo :)

3 cheers for the start of a new semester.
there'll be even more challenges ahead,
but hey,
i believe it's gonna be another awesome year.

God bless everyone..


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