UK Holiday (Part 2)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Edinburgh (3 nights)

stayed at Brodies Hostel which was good n very comfortable too. except that breakfast n free wi-fi not provided compared to Central Hostel, Riga. haha. here, we didn't pay to join any tour but we discovered a free tour n joined it. it was not bad i would say, very interesting as the tour guide was very knowledgeable n a nice n funny person.

this love shape pathway is not something that is very nice where u can lie down n take photo with. the truth is that this thing, is where ppl spit when they past by. ewwww...

The Royal Yatch of Brittania

traditional Scottish dish called Haggis.
it actually lamb internal organs with oats.
anybody up for it? well, i actually tried it.
to me, it tasted all nice at the beginning but after talking a bit more,
it started to taste weird. haha..

at a weaving factory where they make Scottish wear.

at Edinburgh Castle
the view from Edinburgh Castle

we also joined the tour to the Highlands which was very beautiful, but this is not free of course. hehe.. but it was worth it.

The Wallace Monument.

the awesome breath-taking scenery
Loch Tea
u can find this animal in the highlands of Scotland.

and also visited the whiskey factory. Scotland is famous for it's whiskey.

and we all got to taste a little whiskey,
some were even up to 35 yrs old.
but to me, it tasted horrible, coz i hate the taste of alcohol. haha.

after Edinburgh, headed to Glasgow for 2 nights.
continue on next post..


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