China Town

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Went to China Town today (18 March) after biology exam. This is our first time going to China Town coz we always never got round to going. Was let out real early from class coz we could go after taking the test. It was a surprise test coz we practically didn’t know about it. Luckily, I didn’t really screw up the test. Still manage to do ok. Hehe. So, me, Kent n Valynne went after class. The China Town is just one station from the station where we go for our classes. But too bad, today was kinda the wrong day to go. Apparently, normally on Wednesdays all the stalls will be open. So the place was kinda like a ghost town further inside. But on the outside, there were lotsa stalls selling coats n clothes. Hehe. I just manage to take a few random photos. Here they are.

the entrance. i'm standing on the bridge taking this photo.

the buildings

hehe. can u spot our heads?
i'm the one on the left n lynn's on the right.

i look forward to our next trip. gonna buy russian souvenirs from there. hehe. take care everyone.


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