home sweet home soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hey ppl. just to post a quick update. anyways, i've confirmed my flight ticket back to Malaysia. we're flying back on the 28th May. so we'll reach Malaysia on 29th May afternoon. seriously looking forward to going back n seeing everyone in Malaysia again. i really really miss u all a lot though life here in Moscow is good. never mind, just got another 2 months half. very fast can pass. hehe. so, i'll be counting the days. haha. anyways, my foundation science subjects finals are next month, April. n my russian language finals are in May. the super hard to pass entrance exam is yet to be confirm, no one knows. so, hav to start working again. wish i could be lazy. haha. okays. it's late ady n i've still got a bit more of homework to complete. tmrw got classes from morning. so, chaoz ppl. take care everyone. i'll see you all soon. God Bless ya all.


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