Thursday, June 12, 2008

OKAY!! I’m being tagged by Joyce and Soon Ying.

8 Things I'm Passionate About
- God
- Family
- Friends
- Music
- Movies
- Animals (esp. cute ones)

- Food (I’ve been deprived of M’sian food for more than 8 months n I SURVIVED..)
- Shopping

8 Things I Said Too Often
- “crap”

- “great”
- “why la..”

- “хорошо” (means “OK” in Russian)
- “
что” (means “WHAT” in Russian)
- “anything”

- “aiyaa...”

8 Books I Read Recently
(if staring at them with a glazed expression counts as reading...)
- I
- Am
- Not
- A
- Big
- Fan
- Of
- Books

8 Songs I Could Listen Over and Over Again
- Because You Live by Jesse McCartney
- Amazed by Lincoln Brewster
- Qu Xiao Zi Ge by Jordan Chan
- Forever Love by Wang Lee Hom
- Only Hope by Mandy Moore
- You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
- Bunga-Bunga Cinta by Misha Omar
- God Of Ages by Hillsong Australia

8 Things I've Learnt in the Past Year
- God is always there, you just have to learn to trust Him more
- I eat the food I usually don’t eat last time (Moscow no food!! Haha..)

- I can speak mandarin now, not to forget Russian also
- Everything that comes your way is part of growing up
- I’ve learn to complain less and to be more thankful
- Sausages, crabsticks and whatever processed meat are super unhealthy

- Don’t be so lazy!!
- Cooking and buying groceries (haha.. thanks to Moscow experience)

8 People I Tag
- Ciara
- Paik Yen
- Vivian
- Lip Sing
- Lip Hyean
- Ming Lee
- Kah Ling
- anyone who wants to be tagged


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