Champions League Festival

Saturday, May 31, 2008

after the cruise on Moscow River, went to Champions League Festival. it was held at the centre of Moscow at Red Square. went though it was finals the next day coz it was the last day of the festival n it will be a chance of a lifetime. didn't regret going though i was no football fan. hehe.

at the entrance

The Trophy Room

the trophy

we only manage to take photos of the trophy from the outside. u have to line up if u wanna see it up close n trust me, u wouldn't want to coz the line is super super long.

well, we did a master card with our photos on it holding the trophy. it's free. looks kinda fake but it's a reli precious souvenir. hehe. lined up gor 3 hours to get this. the line was short at first until some people started cutting lines. while lining up, we studied for our finals. we were trying to learn the names of the bones of the human skeleton in russian.

Manchester United booth

Chelsea booth

one of Chelsea players



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