ANATOMY... pleasure or nightmare?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hi everyone..

i'm really really sorry for not updating my blog for so long. my internet expired and i didn't renew it coz i had weeks of exams (they call it colloqs or controls here in Russia) week after week so i just couldn't find time to do anything online. i couldn't even find time to get enough sleep.. imagine.. anyway, i have a whole full week of exams next week again, biology, human anatomy n bioorganic chemistry. going to be another very hectic n stressful week. imagine, only 2 weeks ago i had 2 weeks of exams n now, again.. welcome to medical school..

anyway, talking about human anatomy experience. haha. we're now learning muscles of the body. we studied the bones, skull and joints. so now we're doing muscles n it's no piece of cake. my university has an anatomy department. n now that we're studying muscles, we get to see the 'dead body'.. at first, i thought i would freak out or be afraid but then, no feeling.. surpisingly.. n this is no ordinary body. it's a body where they process it for the study of muscles. take a look... we just couldn't help it but take photos..

me.. and i'm looking at the abdomen part.

us studying muscles

Valynne n me..

Valynne n Chien..

Charmaine studying muscles of the head n neck..
she's my unit mate btw.

hmm.. sometime within a week, i'll have to make a trip back to anatomy department to study the muscles on the cadever to prepare for coming exam on muscles of the neck, back, thorax and abdomen.. interesting but gonna be hard and stressful.. and i only have less than a week.. tension tension..

Conclusion: Human Anatomy, pleasure or nightmare? it's nightmare wei.. the amount of things u gotta remember n all those names.. complicating.. sleepless nights.. but i can do it!! (self-comfort =p)

ok ppl, i'll promise to update again when i can. take care everyone.. and i'm really missing u all back in Msia. can't wait to go home :) take care.


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