gonna be another busy week..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

today, the Malaysian Fellowship lead the worship at church. it was an awesome time of praise & worship. the presence of the Lord was just so great that everyone could just feel it. i felt so much joy in the Lord. good job Malaysian Fellowship. All Glory, All Honour n All Praise to God.

after church, came back with Valynne, Brandon n Gan. the snow had melted. oh ya, i forgot to mention, it snowed heavily for the pass few days n the ground was covered with snow. it was cold then, temperature was negative. but today snow all gone n temperature was above 0. took a quite photo outside our hostel with my camera phone.

Valynne n me

Valynne, me n Gan

Valynne, me n Brandon

this coming week, is gonna be another tiring and exhausting week. with 3 colloqs (major test) which include Bioorganic Chemistry (killer chemistry), Biology n Anatomy (muscles).. and not to forget russian language test.. so gonna be super tired and lack of sleep.. imagine, it was just a week ago that we finish our first few colloqs and now we got another whole week of them.. it's now colloqs practically every week.. i so want a break.. well, welcome to medical school.. ok.. till then, take care..


tsaisheng December 2, 2008 at 12:54 AM  

hey , God will guide u ,in every single step . Work hard together...

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