back in Moscow..

Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm back in Moscow,

back to the land of obstacles.
the one conclusion i have made so far is,
Mos-Lanka company = Money Laundering company
gives me more headache than ever.
i wish someone could teach them a lesson,
once and for all..

for those of us who don't have a permanent hostel,
we're without a hostel now
and we're all putting up in our seniors place in different hostels.
thank you so much to everyone for everything.
thank you so much seniors.

we'll only be able to move into our temporary hostels on 31st August..
which is the day before our term starts.

it's back to the challenges ahead.
it's not nice at all,
we can do it!

gambateh everyone..
hang in there..

to all in Malaysia, miss you all lots.. God bless.


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