Missions Trip Photos (Part 4)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 9

Door knocking at R A Puram
Miracle Evening Healing Meeting at Harvest Christian Assembly
Pastor Kumar
After the Miracle Evening Healing Meeting,
Pastor Kumar took us to eat seafood at the beach.
it was AWESOME.
thank you Pastor.
me, Tracy n Li ViaLi Via n Prem. i really miss watching u both fight la..
haha. shanti-shanti.

Day 10
Shopping & Packing

the guys and their new tailor-made formal topsarees...

Left for Tiruchirapalli to catch the flight back after dinner.
the train was at 10pm.
but before that, we had another awesome dinner with Pastor.
thank you so much everyone,
for everything.

i'm really missing the trip so much.
i miss everyone there in Chennai so much.
it has indeed been a blessing to be able to work with all of you.
thank you for all your endless support n encouragement.
and for providing for all our needs.
it has indeed been a good experience i will never ever forget.
seeing the passion you all have in what you do,
i too am inspired by your ministry there in Chennai n also in Bihar.
May God bless you all abundantly.
hope to see you all again..


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