a saddening terrible accident..

Friday, November 27, 2009

today, a terrible saddening accident happened at the main road just outside my hostel. it's been the 2nd accident of the month. this time, i only saw the aftermath after getting down from the bus, the dead body. based on our observations of the shoe on the road and the position of the body beside the trailer lorry, there's the possibility that the person was hit and dragged by the huge trailer. the 1st accident happened about a month ago, right in front of my eyes, just 100 meters away, when we were about to cross the road to go for class in the morning.

realizing everything that happened today, i realize sometimes we just tend to take our safety for granted. we take life for granted, sometimes just wasting it and not making full use of it, not living out the purpose for our lives. never take life for granted. never take the blessings of God for granted, even in the aspect of our safety, it's already something that is a tremendous blessing from God.

i've learn so much. i thank God He's always there for me bringing me through everything.
it's control exams season now. the last control exams before the Anatomy and Histology Final Exams in January. wow.. scary! Anatomy kills! still got control exams to clear. time is really essence.

Okies. I guess that's all for now. Till then, take care everyone. Sorry for not updating, will try my best to do so :) God bless.

P/S: Dear Kuzmin hostel ppl, please please be extra careful when crossing the main road outside our hostel!


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