14th December 2007, Excursion..

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, my group (Group 1) n Group 2 had excursion.. Group 2’s teacher, Anna, took us out.. went to the ‘Matreoska’ Museum (Russian dolls).. went by bus then metro.. the museum is situated near Pushkinskaya metro station so we took a metro to that station.. from there, walked quite a long way to the museum n unfortunately, that day was particularly cold with wind blowing at our faces.. COLD!! Haha.. reached the museum n there we were brought around by the person in charge there.. check it out.. I just love those nice coloured painted dolls.. they look so cute..

Russian Dolls on display..

Chess set out of Russian Dolls.. cool.. our eyes were on it.. haha..

After that, headed to the souvenir shop to check out the souvenirs..

The souvenir shop..

Russian dolls for sale..

Cute :)


model of the main attraction of Moscow.. nice..

me, Valynne n Anna (russian teacher)..

me n Valynne..

Valynne n me.. i fat ady :p

Kent, Valynne, me n Ken Li..

we discovered a sea-saw.. kids once more..

Valynne n me.. behind is a swing..


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