11th December 2007

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, we held a surprise celebration for Kent right before his big day ended which was at 11.30pm.. haha.. so he said he didn’t suspect anything at all.. got a cake for him.. it’s a caramel cake n it has lotsa lotsa cream.. fattening.. went from place to place to actually find a suitable cake n finally found one at RSMU hostel.. haha.. held the celebration in me n Valynne’s room.. had the lights shut n 10 candles lighted all around the room.. hehe.. scenery was nice.. and Joanna made Kent two red coloured eggs with words on it.. she didn’t had red colour paint or anything so had to make do with red marker pen.. superb le.. really really look like the red coloured eggs ppl usually do for a baby’s one month old celebration.. way to go Joanna.. haha..

The cake.. nice..


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