illegal parking..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, 27th January 2007, went jalan-jalan with Lynn, Joanna, Marcus, Jacinta, Jolin n Tang.. went Red Square area n Prospect Mira.. check out wat we saw.. u are about to see something reli interesting.. hahahaha.. wat happens to illegal parking? ticket fine, wheel clamp or car being towed away? haha.. no no no.. neither.. well, it is car being lifted n carried away.. haha.. here in Moscow, we witness our very first illegal parking punishment of car being lifted n carried away.. haha.. while witness the whole process, we could see ppl running to save their cars from being carried away.. haha.. wat a scene.. check it out..




adjust car on carrier..

finally, car on carrier..

so.. people.. NO ILLEGAL PARKING.. if not, this is wat will happen to ur car.. hahaha..


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