Saturday, January 19, 2008

hey everyone..

hey.. just wanna post a quick update here.. actually, nothing much have really happen except for classes as usual n preparations for exams.. i just took my Science in russian exam yesterday, 18th Jan, both oral n written.. n i've gotten the pass to continue to the next semester.. written was great.. but oral no so.. need to work harden.. i have still another 3 more exams to go.. Russian language, both oral n written, Physics (in english) n Maths (in english also).. suppose to have holidays after my russian language exams but suddenly pop out Physics n Maths exams during the holidays so means no holidays for us.. sob sob.. hehe.. oh ya, one good news, i've gotten internet in my hostel.. my friends n i share a wi-fi package so now we can online anytime in our room.. no need to go out of hostel for internet ady.. haha.. it's still winter here.. temperature here is not stable.. was -20 degrees Celsius a week more ago n now it's -4 degrees Celsius.. lucky coz it's warmer.. but anyway, -20 wasn't that bad.. didn't really feel the difference.. haha.. my skin's gotten polar bear.. lol.. russian winter, i shall tame u.. hehe.. well, lotsa friends here have gone back to Malaysia for winter holidays.. wish i could too.. miss everyone in Malaysia n also the FOOD.. haha.. cheap n nice.. not like here.. u know wat, cheapest food here is lik McDonalds.. very sad.. chinese food here cost u a BOMB.. haha.. k everyone.. that's all for now.. take care.. God Bless..


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