Lunch at Pizza World & Outing to VDNH

Sunday, February 3, 2008

29th January 2008.. went to have lunch at Pizza World.. it’s situated at Arbat area.. at Pizza World, the pizza is considered cheap coz they have this offer before 3pm that all pizzas will be at half price.. hehe.. and.. in fact, the pizzas are really delicious.. but sorry, all of us forgot to take photos of the pizzas.. haha.. we were all too hungry n we all had 5 to 6 slices of different kinds of pizza.. imagine.. haha.. but we took a photo outside Pizza World restaurant..

us n Pizza World..

after lunch, we headed to VDNH metro station.. situated there is VVTs (All-Russia Exhibition Centre).. it is established in 1937, and containing of more than 80 pavilions each representing one aspect of the great economic, industrial and technical might of communism, the Exhibition of Economic Achievements functioned as such until the 1980s.. check out the photos we took of the place.. seriously, Moscow is a nice place with lotsa lotsa beautifully designed buildings..

us at the entrance..

ferris wheel!! the number 850 means Moscow is 850 years old..

us :)

me.. behind, that golden thing is actually a fountain..
but of course, the water's all frozen.. hehe..

some of the buildings..

Pabilon E71


Aaron, Marcus, Joanna, me n Lynn at the entrance..


me, Lynn n Joanna.. roommates..

check out this cool looking robot.. haha..
found it in one of the buildings (can't rmb which one)..
that's me, Joanna n Lynn..

Russia's first aeroplane..

Russia's rocket.. haha..

it was seriously a great outing but it was freezing cold with wind blowing.. haha.. imagine..


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