Chinese New Year!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

okies. finally, found the time to upload on my chinese new year celebration here in Moscow. wasn't reli considered reli very big thing but i'm satisfied with it. we actually had maths exam on the 3rd day of chinese new year n physics exam on the 5th day of chinese new year so practically had to study also. but anyways, it was great. on chinese new year eve we went to Ashan to get stuff to cook for chinese new year dinner - fish, sotong n pomelo. went with Aaron n then went for eve dinner at Ikea cafeteria. had the Ikea meat balls n french fries, it's a set meal. nice. but turn out too much, we were all too too full. couldn't even walk. haha.

Ikea meat balls n french fries..

okay. now for our planned chinese new year dinner on the 1st day of CNY. menu was rice, sambal sotong, steam fish, chicken ABC soup n pomelo. though it may look plain to u guys but here we consider it a special meal because all this stuff is real expensive here so we can't afford to eat them so often. hehe. special thanks to Lynn the talented cook.

sambal sotong

steam fish. very nice.

our pomelo

this pomelo is super expensive compared to malaysia n of course it is not as sweet n juicy as the ones we can get in malaysia. haha. this pomelo, weights 1.12 kg n cost about RM10.

chicken ABC soup. yummy.

ok. the soup's taste is specially from a soup packing, specially sent all the way from malaysia by mum n dad. thanks mum n dad. we added in carrots n potatoes. plus other soup ingredients like red dates n kurma all the way from malaysia.

next, our pomelo n mandarin surprise. haha. after we finish our pomelo, we kept the skin. pealed 10 small mandarin oranges n placed them in it. then went around different rooms wishing ppl Happy CNY n fooling them with our so called 'pomelo' which turn out to be mandarin oranges inside instead. haha. had a real good time.

finally, to end our celebration, played cards till morning. we made fake money to play. haha.
thats my first CNY away from home. Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!


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