Getting on, moving on..

Monday, February 16, 2009

hey people..
thank you all so much for all your concern.
i'm ok, getting on, moving on.
now, i'm currently busy with classes and lectures.
and also an upcoming event called One Life.
it's gonna be an awesome event.
i currently have 6 day class a week.
sad case right.
now i don't even have a free Saturday.
it really sucks to have to go to uni on a Saturday.
anyways, ntg much here except the hectic life,
more hectic than 1st Semester.
but i'm looking forward to a fruitful 2nd Semester.
a better one than the 1st Semester.
will update some interesting stuff here soon ya.
oh ya, Moscow sales are crazy.
i just bought 2 autumn / spring coats for 399 rubs.
which means RM39.90 based on the exchange rate 10 now.
in Malaysia you can't even buy such a coat at such a price.
till then, take care everyone.
missing you all back home so so much.
so looking forward to seeing you all in summer, June.

Love from Moscow,


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