Happy Birthday dear Brothers.

Friday, April 17, 2009


To My Darling Brothers.

Chatted with them
and even cut their birthday cake together with them live,
thanks to Skype.
Here are the photo shots i took of them.
Miss everyone home so so much.

Left: Samuel; Right: Stephen

aiyar, too bad my elder bro moved his head,
so can't reli see him.

They were rushing to pack for Church Family Camp tmr,
so didn't get the chance to chat with them for long.
But it was already good enough i got to watch them cut the cake.
First time we did it over skype. haha.

Dear Samuel & Stephen,
Happy Birthday, i've literally said everything i wanna say in the card. Have a very Happy Birthday and i really really miss u both so much. And i know u miss me too, kekeke. Thanks for being the best brothers in the world. Love u both so so much. Take care. And i look forward to seeing you all in June. God bless u and all the best in ur studies :)

-Lotsa love from ur sis in Moscow-


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