i'm missing home..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

suddenly.. recently..

i really badly started to miss home. everytime i talk to mum n dad n brothers or close friends in Msia, i miss home even more. i just feel like flying straight back home n hug them tight tight n spend all the time i want with them. how i wish i was home now..

but before i can even dream of flying home, i'll have to go through the nightmare of finals and packing up n moving stuff n settling documents n issues for 2nd year. oh my...

why is home so unreachable now?

i have histology control exam tomorrow. and i'm just thinking of home. sigh.

mummy daddy, david, samuel, stephen.. i miss you all so much
judith, gavin, soon ying, joyce.. i miss you all too.

home is where my heart is now.


Still Single April 26, 2009 at 12:34 PM  

Time flies. It really flies. Treasure the present before it becomes the past and you regret not enjoying it while it lasted. Everyone misses home to a certain extent. Sometimes more so when stress or troubles haunt the soul. But always take into consideration that however the feeling, if you miss the present, it will forever remain in the past.

PS. I miss a helluva lotta things.. It's just that you don't know what and about only. (",)

God bless.

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