officially sick..

Friday, April 10, 2009

came down with a really bad throat yesterday. couldn't resist coughing. felt feverish coldish but thermometer shows no fever, however, when i consistently took my temperature, it was consistently rising from 35 to 37. i hope it doesn't turn into a fever or not it's gonna just drain me out. and i can't afford to fall sick with Easter Party tmr and control exams next week. anyone has some magic medicine? lol.. anyway, chill la. i'll be ok.

anatomy for the week is done, but there's more to come. though i didn't get the marks i expected, i know i still need to work harder. after all, it's not about the marks, it's about the knowledge to be a good doctor in future. as for general chemistry skills test, i don't know what will happen next, but i know God has his plans. the wrong unknown cation that day has a reason. and not being able to get the unknown anion also has it's reason. i'm just going to do what i can, and leave the rest to Him.

next week, histology. GAMBATEH!! i can do it. jia you everyone.

take care everyone. missing u all loads.


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