Dearest Mom..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the BEST mum in the world,


Mom, thank you,
Thank you for everything,
For all your love, support, care,
guidance, prayers,
Which made me who i am today,
and kept me going no matter where i am.

Though i am miles away,
my heart is always with you,
thinking consistently of you.
Missing you every single moment
i'm away from you.
How i wish i was in your arms now.

Mom, thank you for being my role model,
For always being patient with us,
especially when we were disobedient.
You never failed to plant the Word of God,
deep in our hearts.
And you set an example in your life,
for us to follow.
So that we may grow in faith in Him.

I can never thank God enough,
For giving me,
the BEST mum i can ever have.
And in fact,
I thank Him even more,
For giving me YOU.

Thank you, Mommy
For being the BEST mom in the world.
I LOVE YOU so so so much.
And i will forever will.
Nothing will ever change that.

I Love You MOM.
Happy Mother's Day.

-Sealed with a kiss-

From your beloved daughter in Moscow.


KongAV May 10, 2009 at 11:10 PM  

It's so so nice to know you appreciate and love mum so so so much..
Thank you for verbalizing your LOVE for mum that the whole world will know. Thank God for mum.

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