Spring is here.. but Exams are here too..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

winter has ended. spring is here. rain rain rain almost like everyday. tulips and flowers and grass has started to grow, with pollen flying everywhere too. and u know, daylight is much longer now. even at 10pm, it's like only 6-7pm in the evening. so we always don't realize our time flew by so fast. sad thing is now that it's exams time. FINALS!! seriously hectic. literally don't have time to loose. i'm currently in my 2nd hectic week. last week was the first, and i passed it, thank God.

i need to take 2 final papers on 9th Biology and 15th General Chemistry. the rest are just end semester control exams which they call here as 'zachot'. this week, i just had my russian language final, and coming up is anatomy and histology zachot. not to forget, a Physics project in order to get avtomat (which means no need to sit for finals, it's the system here that if u get all 5s for all control exams, i.e. Excellent, u won't have to sit for Finals but just need to do a project or task). i just finished it so now just have to run through it. :)

about tulips, they're growing now everywhere in Moscow, it's just so beautiful. outside the building where we have some of our classes and lectures, there's this huge heap of tulips growing there. so of course we grap the chance to take photos with them, super pretty.

tulips.. heaps of them.
if it was Msia, i bet they would all be gone within hours.
haha. agree?

that's me :)

me, Lynn, Chien

recently, we took class photos with some of our teachers.. here they are.

with our Histology teacher, Ms. Tatiana

with our General Chemistry teacher, Ms. Olga
her birthday was on the day of one of our classes.

Gambateh everyone for EXAMS!!! 加油..

and not to forget, it's 3 weeks more to home. getting closer. can't wait to get home. miss you all so much...

Mommy daddy, Samuel, Stephen, David, i miss u all so much...
Judith.. i miss u so much too..

take care everyone. God bless.


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