13th October 2007.. A BIG Thank You..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A BIG thank you to everyone for all your gifts n wishes n surprises on my birthday.. I really really really appreciate them a lot n I was really touched.. thank you so much for remembering.. Valynne, thanks so much for your brilliant idea of surprising me in the middle of the night.. I seriously didn’t suspect anything.. thank you so much.. to Xinru, Jacinta, Vaughn, James, Marcus, Yow, Alan, Kent, Archie, Tang, Farah, thank you for remembering n for waking up in the middle of the night to surprise me.. thank you so so much for making my day.. thank you for the cake too.. I love it.. and thank you for the cute soft toy.. I really really like it.. thank you so so much.. and to Jien Wey, B.C, Kooi Hiang, Richelle n friends, thank you for remembering n for giving me another surprise.. thank you so much for the delicious donuts n thank you Beh, for cooking the noodles.. they seriously taste awesome.. you must really teach me how to cook them.. hehe.. thank you so much for everything people.. I really really appreciate it a lot.. n also a BiG thank you to B.C, Jien Wey, Wan Sim, Richelle, and friends for helping out with our luggage.. and also to Sam n Alan for helping us move too.. thank you so much for everything..

my birthday cake.. thanks everyone..

my little soft toy present.. i love it :)

thanks Jien Wey..

For your information, I have shifted to Pushkin hostel, the hostel we were supposed to be.. did spring cleaning.. wiped all the furniture in the room till it was free of dust.. swept n moped the room again n again till it was clean.. then did some unpacking.. and finally went to sleep at around almost 4am.. whoa.. we were so tired.. well, Pushkin hostel is better than RSMU hostel.. the toilet’s better.. the rooms are better too.. but somehow, we feel homesick.. we miss our place in RSMU hostel.. I guess it was because we are kinda separated here in Pushkin although I’m still sharing the same room with Valynne.. I just miss sharing the same unit with Jacinta, Xinru n Farah.. Valynne feels the same way too.. we were like just one happy family when suddenly, we had to move n somemore we’re all moving at different times so we’re like kinda separated.. this was the first time I ever felt so miserable since I came to Moscow.. back in RSMU, all of us including the guys, we were all like one big happy family.. we mix around very well n we just get along well.. we cook together, chat n everything, go places together, share crap stories together.. though I was just about 2 weeks plus, we were happy.. I miss those times.. can’t wait for everyone to move to Pushkin n have those fun times again..

To everyone back in Malaysia, I miss you all.. I miss you all so so much.. and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all during summer holidays.. thank you so much for all your birthday wishes.. thank you so much for remembering.. here, winter is coming.. the temperature has already dropped to below 0 °C.. and it has already been snowing a little.. wind’s been blowing n it has been raining also.. soon, the temperature will drop.. and the paths n roofs will be covered with snow.. winter, here I come..


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