Pushkin International Concert & Exhibition, 16th November 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For your information, I am currently studying Russian Language at Pushkin Institute of Russian Language.. here, there are plenty of other international students, for example, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, etc, n of course we Malaysians.. so, there was a concert and exhibition held basically to display each other’s country’s culture.. the exhibition started first followed by the concert.. started at 3pm n ended at almost 6pm.. we Malaysian pre-medical students prepared stuff for both the exhibition n concert.. for the exhibition we had a video presentation n a slide show of pictures.. the video presentation was actually the tourism Malaysia video.. haha.. smart le.. then the slide show, Valynne, me n Joanna did it with pictures from Tee, Terry, Joanna, me n Valynne.. we had really limited pictures coz we never expected to do such things but it turned out ok.. hehe.. we also had Malaysian food on display n also to try, well, other countries also did the same.. we had some cucur with sauce prepared by Liyana.. and also a poster was made.. so, here’s our exhibition table..

the laptops..

the cucur made by Liyana.. nice :)

the sauce.. super nice..
one of the ingredients is Kimball chilli sauce from Malaysia

the poster.. hand drawn n coloured..

Here are photos of the exhibition, other countries..



The China people were really very well equipped.. they had lotsa stuff on display.. very obvious they had planned it was before n brought them all the way from their homeland.. even their dance, the dances had similar costumes..




..and many more..

Well, you can see the difference between what we prepared n what the other countries prepared.. they were so well equipped.. I guess they knew before hand n brought it before hand from their countries.. we knew nothing n therefore came unprepared.. haha.. but, we still manage.. haha..

Now we come to the concert..

the stage.. before the concert started..

Next, photos of we people..

Front: Kelvin Philip, Laksmi, me n Sybil

Back: Darshini, Baskra n Jana

Me, Jana, Perashan n Joanna

Terry, Tang, me, Jana, Perashan, Joanna n
two other foreigners (dunno where they’re from)..

me n Farah (she's dressed up as a Kadazan girl)..

We Malaysians..

we Malaysians n other foreigners including our institutes's security guard.. haha..

Farah, Liyana, Joanna, me n Valynne n the China girl dancers..

Us n the Africans..

Joanna, Valynne, me, Sybil n Laksmi.. we are housemates..

We Malaysians again..

Joanna, Valynne, me n Thailand people..


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