4th November 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

it’s been a month plus since I’ve been in Moscow.. classes have started for 2 weeks plus ady.. we’re now currently attending Russian language classes.. well, Russian language is not an easy language.. it has lotsa rules u can ever imagine.. hehe.. well, can’t wait for my Russian to be real good.. haha.. anyway, really really sorry for not being able to update that frequently.. I haven’t got internet access.. n it’s really hard to get internet access.. we’ve got no wireless in our hostel yet.. n the cybercafé at our hostel charges 50 rubles per hour which is about RM 7.. expensive huh?? Very very superbly expensive.. so, I’m really really sorry for taking so long to update my blog.. but, hopefully we’ll get the wireless connection soon.. they’re apparently in the process of fixing it.. so hopefully, by the end of November or maybe beginning of December or maybe by the end of the year we’ll be able to get the wireless connection.. I also can’t wait.. haha.. anyway, it’s officially winter here.. so the time in Malaysia is now 5 hours faster than my time here in Moscow.. it has been snowing off n on here.. but the ground hasn’t been covered with snow yet.. temperature here is gradually dropping.. well, will keep ya all updated.. take care everyone..


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