Winter.. Snow.. Зима.. Снег..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, lotsa ppl have been asking me to put pictures of snow here in Moscow.. so here are the pictures.. reli sorry for the delay coz most of the photos were in my friend’s camera n she haven’t copy them out.. but finally, manage to get them..

my hostel surroundings with snow..

snow n me..

boot marks on snow..

me n snow again..

We had snow fight.. n we even built snowman.. though small n may be kinda cacat but it’s self satisfaction.. haha.. first time I ever built a snowman.. check it out..

me working on the snowman..

me n the completed snowman..

Kinda cacat coz we were running out of time.. but like I said, self satisfaction.. haha.. take care everyone..


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