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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday, 2nd August

went down to KL by bus. took the 10am bus but the bus only left at 10.30am. reached KL about 1.30pm then headed straight to meet Soon Ying and went to Sunway Pyramid. Soon Ying is my close friend from school, haven't seen her since i left to Moscow, missed her so much. so, at Sunway Pyramid, went to eat lunch at Sushi King. i felt like eating sushi coz it had been almost a year since i ate sushi. haha.

after lunch, went shopping. walked around Sunway Pyramid n Soon Ying brought me to the new wing. we both bought a top from Forever 21. nice. i bought a bigger handbag that i always wanted from Click and Slick.

at the toliet, i spotted a Baby Room. spot the baby symbol, i find it so cute.

Baby Room

and inside the toilet, they even promote health awareness. lol.

Save your lung, save your life

Soon Ying n me

for dinner, went to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh. it's suppose to be very nice according to Soon Ying. so drove all the way there, spent extra long on the road looking for the place coz we kept missing turnings. haha. finally, we reach the place. turned out, Soon Ying got a disappointment coz we all said the Bak Kut Teh was nothing special. lol. sorry dear.

after dinner, headed home. bathe. then chatted. i updated Soon Ying on what happen since we last met, and she updated me on what happen too. had a really long chat. but halfway, we went to watch MTV Asia Awards, and when it ended, we continued our chat.

next, watched 'PS I Love You'.

really sad but very touching story. unfortunately, it was pass 5am when the show ended and i was already half asleep so we slept straight after that. haha. watch it ppl. after watching it, Soon Ying vowed to buy the book and read it. lol.

Sunday, 3rd August
had nasi lemak for lunch. Soon Ying's mum made them. really delicious. thank you, Aunty.


after that, got ready to go One Utama.

Soon Ying n me. best friends forever.

at One Utama, Soon Ying went to renew her OneU card. it cost RM20 for 3 years n RM10 for 1 year so of course, she took the 3 years one. and they had this lucky draw thing. and guess what, so lucky, she got two tickets to High School Musical The Ice Tour. and it's no normal ticket but a VIP ticket. apparently, it's worth RM200+ per ticket. so lucky.

walked around One Utama. saw a pair of shades at Vincci. i bought it for RM18. worth it le, was on discount. Soon Ying bought her 'PS I Love You' book at MPH. straight away, she started reading it when we went to McDonalds to have a drink.

dinner, went to some hawker center at SS2 with Soon Ying n her family, i had Prawn Noodles. then went hunting for dessert. wanted to eat ice-cream at Swensen at SS2 but too many people so went hunting elsewhere for another Swensen but didn't find then in the end ate Baskin Robbins near Bangsar Villa.

after dessert, they send me back to my uncle's apartment beside Midvalley. gonna miss them, gonna miss my dear friend Soon Ying so much. anyways, to Soon Ying n family, thank you so much for the time spent with you all. i really enjoyed it tremendously. time really pass so fast. thank you once again n i'll miss you all. will be looking forward to meeting again. take care.

Soon Ying, i love you so much too. i really thank God for a friend like you. will always remember you. miss you. hugs.

Monday, 4th August
morning, went gym with my aunt. went there for an hour though i only lasted 30 minutes. haha. that shows i don't have anymore stamina. my stamina decrease super a lot since i left school. i only do a lot of walking in Moscow n housework. lol.

lunch, headed to Midvalley to meet ex-college mates, been ages since i last met them. went Kim Gary. had lunch with Perashanth, Justin, Yean Xin n Yet Shin. chatted also. after lunch, when Kenneth arrived, went bowling with them. then Brandon and Min Hao and Augustine came, so we went Pizza Hut for dinner. actually, Serene n Damien n Zeng Zhou were suppose to come, but last minute they couldn't come. so it was left the 6 of us. had dinner n chatted.

us. yerr... my head got block.

after dinner, went arcade. then went McD for ice-cream but i bought a drink coz i was super thirsty. then, Kenneth n Perashanth went home. me, Augustine, Brandon and Min Hao went photo shooting. haha.

"no photo please", the promoters told us.


happy Augustine. sad Brandon n Charis.

Augustine, me, Min Hao, Brandon

Min Hao's head n Augustine's body

can u spot Brandon n Augustine?

help!!! Min Hao's grabbing us.

Tuesday, 5th August
morning, went to meet Aaron at KL Central. went with him to Russian Resources office to settle his sister's stuff to go Moscow, his sis, Amy will be in 1st year like me. spent quite some time there. then, went for lunch at some restaurant at the same building. took set, quite ok. i like the drink dessert. hehe.

noodles, some dessert drink n ice-lemon tea.

next, headed to Kamal's bookstore. took monorail to Jalan Chow Kit station and from there walked to the bookstore guided by my personal tour guide, Aaron Wong. haha. bought the book that i wanted. then headed to KLCC coz we only need to be back by 5pm. walked around KLCC then went A&W to sit down n have a drink. been walking so legs kinda tired. hehe. then, went walking again, went looking for perfume so went from shop to shop testing the perfumes they have.

after walking around for some time there, got kinda bored coz got nothing to see there so went outside. caught some photos of the scenery, unfortunately, they didn't on the fountain so didn't manage to catch photos of the fountain.

4.30pm, we headed back. Aaron headed to his dad's office n i headed back to my uncle's apartment. got back, packed my stuff, dad came to get me and then headed home to Ipoh. thanks a lot Aaron, i had a good time too. see ya back in Moscow.

~home sweet home~


Aaron August 6, 2008 at 4:06 PM  


Pretty short commentary on my part eh? Glad u had a good time, so did i. C u in Moscow.. =)

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