Farewell dinner with Gavin

Friday, August 1, 2008

today, Gavin left for Singapore. took the morning train there. gonna miss him a lot. anyways, we had a last dinner gathering with him on Wed. went to MovenPeak Greentown. there were 5 of us there. chatted then ordered food. i ordered some special thai style seafood fried glass noodles, this dish is one of the recommended noodles so i just ordered to try. turn out to be not too bad, but i was so full. hehe.

thai style seafood fried glass noodles

while waiting for our food to arrive, we ordered a starter, the salad down here was what we ordered. but turn out, the food arrive before the salad. haha. anyways, to me, the salad was nothing really special except for the yellow sauce to add to it. it tasted like Twisties to me, the cheese flavoured one. haha.

after eating, took photos. we use my bro's professional camera, the big one. haha. people were like kinda staring at us but who cares.

Gavin n me

Jamie, Gavin n me

Jamie, Gavin, me n Jonathan

Jamie, Gavin, David n Jonathan

some random photo.
taken by my bro, David.
he's got an interest in professional photography.
kinda cool though.

after dinner, headed to Gavin's house coz Jamie wanted to try David's professional Milo Ice. haha. used Gavin's blender, ice n Milo 3 in 1. turned out not bad. hehe.

Gavin, all the best in Singapore. gonna miss u a lot. will look forward to meeting u again. take care. God Bless.


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