badminton time, no more laziness..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yesterday, went to play badminton with daddy n two younger bro, Samuel n Stephen and i had an awesome time. we've now made it a point to play badminton. so now, my laziness on the bed is gonna be replaced with exercise on the badminton court. whee... but now, due to 3 months of lazing around, my butt n lower tight of both my legs hurt badly now :( but it doesn't matter, i seriously need to train my muscles again, i can't have the lazy spirit.

and, i dun wanna gain weight. i gained weight in Moscow which i should not have, and surprisingly, i lost weight back here in Malaysia where i'm actually suppose to gain weight coz the food back here is so tempting and way cheaper than Moscow.

gonna appreciate the free time i have left before i go back to Moscow. gonna spend as much time as i can with family n friends. i'm gonna seriously miss everyone a lot..

it's countdown to date of flight now...


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