Cruise on Moscow River

Friday, May 30, 2008

20th May, Tues. went on a cruise on Moscow River. two of our russian teachers brought us. the trip was great though we had science in russian finals the next day. first, we took metro to station 'Kitai Gorad'. then walked to the terminal n bought our tickets. each ticket cost 300 rubles (about RM43)

my ticket.

some of the scenes at the terminal.

with our 2 russian language teachers
from left: Valynne, Irina, Laksmi, Natalia, Tunisha n me

the boat n the terminal

after waiting, we boarded the boat. was really excited. haha. here are some photos taken on the boat.

with our two russian language teachers.

roommates: Joanna, Valynne n me

the centre of Moscow. Kremlin

us again

Savior's Catheral

me on cruise :)

Valynne n me (behind is Moscow bridge)

behind is Savior's Catheral

Peter the Great

from left: me, Tunisha, Kent, Valynne n Laksmi
sitting: Joanna

me, Valynne n Kent

another bridge

Joanna, me n Valynne

me still enjoying :)

me wearing Champions League Finals cap.
behind me is the stadium where the finals will be held.

the stadium. can u spot the ManU n Chelsea banner?

the cafe on the boat

well, there are way more photos but it'll take me ages to upload them all. anyways, i really really enjoyed the cruise n didn't regret going though it was finals the next day. had a really good time with other batch mates. come Moscow, i'll take you on the cruise. trust me, u'll love it. hehe :)


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