Lunch at China Town

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

yesterday, 5th May, went China Town to have lunch. went to eat chinese food. whee.. after physics finals, a group of us headed there. i had a bowl of pork noodle soup. big portion. very very filling. the rest had beef noodle soup, fried noodles, rice with various side dishes n dumplings. was really nice. check out our food.. haha.

my bowl of pork noodle soup. yummy :)

dumplings. they are seriously very nice.

fried noodles.

after lunch, headed to buy souvenirs. but unfortunately, not the suitable day to buy coz so happen there were lotsa tourists so the sellers all hike up the price and refuse to give any discounts. so we just had a look at the souvenirs and decide from which stall we wanted to buy from. we still hav only 3 weeks left before home. and time really flies so it's actually not much time. science subjects finals have just ended yesterday. now, russian language finals are approaching in about a week n a half more. then, it'll be home. whee.. can't wait to get home and see you all. hehe. chaoz. see ya all soon. take care.


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