I'm BACK!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

yahoo. i'm BACK in Malaysia at last!! arrived yesterday (29th May) at around 12pm. my first meal was satay n nasi impit. it was nice but i couldn't eat much coz in the plane they already served us with 3 meals so i wasn't hungry at all n didn't really feel like eating. sad case. but dinner was great. went chinese restaurant with family members. food was delicious. thanks everyone. phew, now, i'm really feeling the extreme heat of Malaysia. i feel like i'm in an oven. been wearing sleeveless the whole time and yet i still feel extremely hot. but lucky, my room now has air-cond. my parents fixed it while i was away n i didn't know n when i saw it, i asked them whether they won 'ToTo'. hahaha. my house has seriously change a lot. it's tidier n there are some new furniture.

today, went to meet Judith n Esther. had lunch with them, mum, Dr Lai n Aunty Lay Ean. had 'chee cheong fun'. it was nice but again, i dunno why i still dun have that wanting for food when i'm suppose to be actually missing food a lot. sigh. ok people. hope to see ya all soon. am looking forward. chaoz..


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