Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey people. Sorry, I know I haven’t been updating my blog. Finals were on so didn’t really had much activity except chatting with friends n seniors n cooking meals. Lol.. well, I still got my physics paper on 5th May. but I just got that lazy feeling to study. Hmm.. anybody can help me cure it? Haha.. oh ya. Recently, I bought a cauliflower. Haha. I know this is gonna sound really lame talking about veggie but it’s been ages since I had veggie, I’ve been eating fruits to replace veggie. The veggie went up in price since it started winter. But now the price is slowly going down since spring’s here. Hehe. The cauliflower cost me 65.90 rubles (approx. RM9.41) per kilogram. But it was nice. So i added the cauliflower into my pork noodle soup. NICE!! I enjoyed it so much especially the cauliflower. Haha. Desperation for veggie. Lol. Check out my pretty cauliflower. And my noodles.. haha.

my cauliflower..

and my pork noodles soup with cauliflower.. yummy :)

well, after Maths paper yesterday, a group of us went China Town. Went to eat Chinese food for lunch. The food at the restaurant came in really big portion that even the guys who can eat a lot couldn’t finish their food. Haha. Some of us had rice with side dishes and some had the delicious fried noodles. I had the fried noodles which cost 120 rubles (approx. RM17.14) per plate. Expensive le.. but of course, I didn’t eat one plate on my own, I shared with my two roommates. Hehe. After lunch, with super full stomachs, we went looking for souvenirs. Well, that will be the place we will get our souvenirs coz it’s the place that is famous for them and also the price there is more reasonable. Well, just manage to take a few shots.

some of the russian souvenirs..

chess set using russian dolls..


Anyways, China Town’s a place something like Petaling Street where u can get loads n loads of the cheap cheap stuff, antics, food, clothes, souvenirs, etc.. it’s just like Petaling Street but it’s way way way bigger than Petaling Jaya. It’s super super huge!! U seriously can get lost walking around inside. Haha. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back in Malaysia in another 4 weeks n I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll see u all soon. Miss ya all loads. Take care everyone.


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