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Thursday, July 31, 2008

yesterday afternoon, mum took me to change my IC coz i'm already 18 so gotta change it. not much people there, so i didn't had to wait long. the minute i took my number, they called me to the counter. very easy process, just told them i needed to change my IC coz i'm already 18 n all the details are still the same.

so happen, i just ask them what my religion is recorded as. and much to my surprise, they told me, it was Buddhist. i got a shock, so did my mum who was right behind me. all these years, since i got my IC in standard 6, i was registered as a Buddhist. so i told them to change it to Christian. and the guy at the counter ask me for prove. i told him, i didn't know that my religion was Buddhist, so i didn't bring any prove. then the guy went to ask his boss. waited n waited. he came back, and he said he got it changed already. phew...

next, headed to take a new photo. the guy who took my photo, was a reli nice person, like to joke around.

while heading home, i thought, they didn't need me to bring any prove and i got the information changed, that was really easy. guess i better double check again when i collect it. so people, do check the information on your Identification Card just in case.


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