Danger at the doorstep..

Friday, January 9, 2009

shocked.. speechless.. lost for words.. what is happening.. what is going on..

for the past month, some Russians were particularly roaming around the street right outside my hostel here in Moscow attacking foreigners. they were identified as 3 guys who wore black jackets.

on 27th December 08 at around 6pm, a Malaysian first year medical student was hit with a beer bottle on the head. the attacker smashed a beer bottle on his head n he suffered head injuries. thank God he was ok and now is fine on getting on normally with life. i reli admired his courage and strength as he was alone at that time and he walked back to the hostel all by himself. according to him, 3 guys wearing black jackets and black caps attacked him. it all just happened right outside my hostel at the bus stop where we usually wait for bus. the danger was that near...

and today, tonite, praise God, He protected Gan, Chia Zhen and Sharon. as they were coming back walking along the street to the hostel, right at the junction which leads to our hostel, they actually encountered those 3 guys believed to be the one that is responsible for all this nonsense. Gan actually walked pass one of them and he felt weird about the guy as he was staring at the construction site right near our hostel, but at that time all was on his mind was the cold, but after walking pass the guy, he felt he needed to wait for Sharon n Chia Zhen who were behind him, and he was watchin his shadow to see if anyone was following him. and according to Chia Zhen later, the guys were staring at Gan.
as for Sharon and Chia Zhen, they encountered the 3 guys. they stared at them, followed towards their direction but both of them cross over the other side of the road and then escape by crossing back to the other side when the guys followed them to cross the road. thank God for his protection. reli thank God.
not long after them, 3 China girls and a couple walking in a group of 5 were stabbed at seperate times. apparently, one of the girls was stabbed 4 times. the attackers apparently ask them whether they were chinese and before they could say anythin, they already stabbed them. it all just happen after Gan, Sharon n Chia Zhen returned. outside the hostel was lik a crime scene with all the tape, police, ambulance.. my friends saw the aftermath.. thank God my roommate came back safely too.
everyone in my hostel Pushkin now is like all shocked at what happened. no one dare to go out. till now, i dunno what happened to them.

and apparently, last week, there was this incident that happened to a korean girl who was walking with a French girl. someone put a small grenade bomb on her winter coat hood. it exploded and caused her to bleed to death.

what's wrong with these ppl? why do they wanna do this? though i'm angry at them for doing this, but somehow, my prayer went out to them. i prayed that God will touch their lives. and also of course i did pray for protection, but somehow, my heart lead me to pray for them.

"O Lord, You know exactly what is going on, i ask that You take control. i leave it all to You. i have faith and trust that You are always with us, protecting us all the way. You brought me here to Moscow for a reason, so i believe with all my heart that You will take care of me and bring me through every problem, every situation. i trust in You and only You, in Jesus Christ Name i pray, Amen."

~Live life as if there's no tomorrow.~


Anonymous January 11, 2009 at 3:19 AM  

6 years in moscow i am glad that i am ok and never got injured even approached by one of these bastards b4... i am glad i am leaving soon.. but for u kids .. please becareful.. i m sad for those who died.. its awful..its a horrible tragedy.. as much as god can bless anyone.. please be careful.. bring at least a pepper spray... of a knife to preotect ur self if anyone of u all goes out..good luck.

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