Pangkor Island Trip

Sunday, January 25, 2009

a close friend of mine, Kenny, from Seremban came down to Ipoh to visit for 3 days 2 nites from 22nd till 24th. he stayed at my house. hehe. so basically went out lepak and makan here and there. good food wei. glorious food. ate the best fried chicken, wan tan mee, tauge chicken, all those famous food. i'm pretty sure i gain a lot of weight ady. then on 23rd, went on a one day trip to Pangkor Island, was a last minute planning at 3am at night and it really turned out to be an adventure. me, my bro David, Kenny, Jin Ee n Boky went.

the scenery

me n Jin Ee

Kenny n me

oh ya, at Pangkor Island, we rented a car to drive around. we went Teluk Nipah for watersport. we went kayak-ing there. hehe. it cost RM15 per kayak for 1 hour. quite reasonable.

all set for kayak

Kenny n me kayak-ing

after finish kayak, headed straight back for Ipoh to meet the others for dinner. was a rush. and we were so tired after the kayak also.

on the ferry heading back to mainland, we hang out at the top of the ferry, took photos, enjoy the wind. hehe. nice.

Kenny, Jin Ee, David, Boky

Kenny, Jin Ee, me, Boky

Boky, David, Kenny, Jin Ee


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