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Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, Valynne called me on the phone and particularly instructed me to do this tag so i better do it.. Lol..

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 20 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you choose them.

1) My name is Charis Kong Leng Ean, and i'm a pure chinese.

2) Currently studying one of the most demanding course, medicine, in the most demanding city in the world, Moscow. Currently studying in Moscow Medical Academy, Russia.

3) I love my family a lot. They mean so so so much to me. I always miss them when i'm in Moscow. It always seems like a part of me is missing especially when it's birthdays and Christmas and i'm not with them. My total trust is in my family and i can just tell them anything, especially my Mom, Dad n elder Brother. So gonna miss them when i go back to Moscow. Love you all so so much.

4) My longest sleeping hours? Hmm.. let me see. maybe 15 hours straight. but i think i've slept for a whole day before and just get up for meals, toilet or baths. Lol.. But i think as a medical student, you should ask me the question, longest staying awake to study hours. the answer is definetely more than 15 hours.

5) I love animals especially dogs, especially cute ones :) Check out my soft toy collection in Moscow, you'll get what i mean.. and that's not the full collection, in Malaysia still got. Haha. Everyone just knows i love dogs so much till they shower me with lotsa soft toys during special occasions.

special thanks to Gan for taking this photo without me knowing =p

6) I enjoy eating and i can really eat especially when i'm hungry and in the mood to. But if i'm not in the mood to eat and don't have the appetite, i can literally go without food for a day.. Haha. But i'm not a picky eater and it doesn't really matter so much to me whether it's super good to eat or not, so long as it's food n it's ok then i'm fine with it.

7) I can be quite stubborn at times and also really impatient as well. i'm being honest =p But i'm always working on it, to improve myself.

8) I'm can be really blur also. Ask people who know me, they can tell u. Haha..

9) I love my friends a lot too. I treasure the meaning of friendship and friends mean a lot to me. To me, they are God given and blessings from Him. Special thanks to my close friends and roommates for always being there for me through my ups and downs. Love you all..

10) I always wanna excel in my studies. Put it in this way, i have high expectations for myself. I can really sit down and study because of this, but like every normal person, i always get sick and bored of studying.

11) I can really sleep like a pig especially when i'm super tired. People can find it really hard to wake me up also especially when i'm super lack of sleep. Haha.. Once, my house security alarm went on but i didn't wake up although my room could hear it the loudest. Lol.

12) I love music a lot. But i'm not very musically talented. Just know how to play the piano. I just love to listen to music and songs especially my favourite ones. I don't mind repeating them day and night. And i like to sing along with the song too =p

13) I can be really noisy and crazy at times especially when i have the mood for it =p But when i don't have the mood, i can be really quiet and don't say a word. Well, i think people can judge my moods quite easily.

14) My ambition is to become a good and dedicated doctor, to make a difference in the lives of others. I hope to be an Oncologist, to give cancer patients a second chance. For those who dunno, Oncology is about cancer. so yeah, big ambition right?!?

15) I trust people quite easily, which i know is bad in a way. And i will feel very hurt and betrayed especially when people i trust betray me. But i forget it after awhile and go back to normal, but i will be extra careful.

16) I love to shop especially for clothes and i can never get bored of it. But then, money limited so i don't get to do it often, especially now that i'm in Moscow, you can say, i seldom shop. I don't go for expensive clothes, i usually buy those on the average and cheap side.

17) I'm an emotional person. I'm not really good at controlling my tears sometimes, i admit it. When i watch touching or sad movies and series, i do shed tears.

18) Another dream of mine is to own a big house, with beautiful architecture, with beautiful interior design on the inside and also the compound of the house. And also to have cute pet dogs and obedient guard dogs. Hehe. And also a nice car. Lol.. I'm so greedy..

19) I hope to travel the world in future and to bring my parents and family along with me.

20) Can't think of anything now. Brain stuck suddenly. I'll filled this in when i thought of something =p

20 People i wanna tag and why i choose them..

1. Annie Lim - because she's my close friend n i just want to hear something about her even though i may already know it.. miss u lots dear. can't wait to see u in July.

2. Joyce Wong - Joyce, i know u can write something interesting and i just love to read what you write coz of the funny way you phrase your sentences. Haha.. Missing you loads too. When can i see u again larr??

3. Chew Chang Fu - Let's see what you'll write. i wanna know more about you too.. coz u're gonna be my course mate for the next 5 years.

4. Kenneth Lee - Hmm.. interesting. i really wanna see how you're gonna write this. Rmb to do it ya. No excuses allowed.

5. Chin Ming Lee - I haven't seen you for ages.. Really wonder when i can see u again.

6. Chrys Lee - I never expected we'll be cousins. Hehe. Anyways, hope to know more about you.. All the best in Melbourne too.

7. Ciara - We've been kinda good friends for ages but somehow, i feel there's still loads i need to know about you..

8. Paik Yen - Glad to have met u in Parade that day, though it was just for a very short while. Hope to catch up with you soon..

9. Vivian Chan - Sooo long haven't seen u.. Seems like i've lost out a lot on what you've been up to. How have you been? Hope to know more about you especially during the time after we've left school.

10. Tin Yee - My ex-housemate in KL. We've only been together for a few months. Hope to know more about you.

11. Serene - My buddy in my ex-college. Being with you in the same college for just a few months is so not enough. I wished i know more about you..

12. Everyone and anyone who came across this post, you're tagged!! You're not allowed to run away or else.... Hehehehe.. Good luck!!

*for more examples, you can refer to Valynne's blog at http://ngvalynne.blogspot.com


Lynn February 5, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

Fantastic! Thanks... Although most of those u wrote i knew long time ago ady! Hahaha.... hmm... Seems like i passed as your roommate to know you tat much!

Haha... Beware... More years to go with Lynn... just stay there and bare with me! You have no where to escape! Hahahaha...

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