Happy Chinese New Year

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey everyone,

Happy Chinese New Year!! how are all your family reunion dinners and gatherings? hope you all are having lotsa fun coz i am. hehe. i can't believe i won't be able to enjoy all this in the next 5 years. well, i'll just give a brief summary of what i've been doing in the first 2 days of CNY.

1st Day (26th January)
the highlight of the first day was the BIG family dinner gathering at my granduncle's house back at my grandpa's village in Batu Gajah, as in my dad's side. the whole BIG family, my grandpa's sibling's families and our families all gathered for makan. was really happy to see all my relatives.
there were 2 roast pigs. and they even called in the satay man and the satay was good, not to forget the fried noodles, tong yuan, ikan bakar n red bean drink.
we had family photo taking also during the dinner.

below is a photo of my grandpa with some of his siblings. my grandpa is the one with the white shirt far left. he's the eldest son in the family.

here is a photo of my grandpa with all my uncles n aunties.

with my cousins

after dinner, we took a family photo, which includes my family and my dad's sibling's families. one BIG happy family.

i love this photo

next, we grandchildren took a photo with our grandpa. altogether there were 23 of us but there's one missing. so in total, my grandpa has 24 grandchildren. whoa.. that's a big number.

candit shots..


2nd Day (27th January)
morning, 8.30am went to eat dim sum with my grandma, uncles, aunties n cousins, as in my mom's side. after breakfast, all of us headed to Ipoh Tower to visit the new hotel and the offices and apartments there in this new building. dad n friends invested in it.

the swimming pool

my cousin at the center of the pool

the view from the top

and finally, we took a family photo on the balcony of one of the penthouse on the top floor of the building, which was the 17th floor. the sun was shining really bright n the scenery was reli nice..

i love it :)

for dinner, we went MP at Greentown. wanted to eat steamboat but ended up eating Ala-Carte. my cousins will be going back KL tomorrow. gonna miss them.

tomorrow's 3rd Day of CNY. will be heading back to Batu Gajah for dinner to spend more time with my relatives who are back from KL too. i'm so gonna spend my CNY to the max. no diet. haha. well, enjoy your CNY everyone. happy collecting angpaus.



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